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Success With Style

People who dress frumpy at work may be more comfortable, but they end up working for those who dress with style. People like to dress with style because it makes them feel good. When people feel good, they do better work and interact more powerfully with other people.

How to Get Ahead at Work

Most people think that if they kiss the bosses butt, the boss will like them and they will have a secure job with good advancement. Wrong!

You Can Sell ROCKS on the Web

I’m serious. Not only are people selling rocks on the Web, but they are getting good money for them, and they are going fast! If you want to purchase a rock, you better hurry because a lot of the good ones are already sold!

Change Wood Into Gold

Today, everything is a cold plastic manufactured product. In the “old days”, everything was painstakingly hand-crafted from wood. People love the quality and warmth of hand-crafted wood products. If you like to work with your hands, you can profit from the demand for these products.

Use a List-server to Distribute Your Newsletter

If you publish an e-newsletter or e-zine, you know that administering your subscriber list is a big chore. To maintain the list, you may be using an email program on your computer or a CGI program on your server. One advantage to maintaining the list yourself is that you know it is not being shared by anyone else.

Does Your Job Cause Stress?

If your job causes a lot of stress, taking up a hobby that lets you work with your hands can help you wind down. That’s why Erica Basile took a class on quilting. After making a quilt for her daughter, Erica put all of the leftover squares into a kit as a gift for a friend.

Hot Sauce Brings Cold Cash

On a trip to New Mexico, Mary Going tried some food flavored with hot salsa. She fell in love with hot salsa and anything made with chili peppers. But chili peppers are scarce in Portland Maine where Mary worked for a computer company, so she bought some seeds and grew her own chili peppers.

Identity Theft: It Can Happen to You!

You step outside to find your car has been repossessed and a foreclosure notice posted on the front door of your house. All because of delinquent loans “you” made. Or the police come to make an arrest because “you” used a fake prescription. Can’t happen to you?

Create Digital Children’s Books

They say, if you can’t figure out how to do something with your computer, ask a teenager. While computers intimidate adults, they seem to pique the curiosity of children. This computer curiosity starts at a very young age.

Love the thrill of risk? Invest in an Annuity!

With the stock market in steep decline, people are looking for safe places to invest their savings. Many banks and investment companies are pushing annuities. Annuities offer a higher interest rate than CD’s, but are they safe?

Design Web Site Around Affiliate Programs

When starting a Web business, most people choose a topic for their Web site and then look for products and affiliate programs related to that topic. In this article, I suggest searching for a group of related affiliate programs first, then designing your Web site around those programs.

Public Domain Profits

Copyright law goes back to the founding fathers who, in order “to promote the progress of science and useful arts” in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, secured for authors, artists and inventors the exclusive right to their work for 28 years. In 1909, the Copyright Act allowed that after 28 years, protection could be renewed for another 28 years. In 1978, the law was revised to provide protection until 50 years after the creator’s death. The 1978 law also extended previous unexpired copyrights for another 47 years.

Be a Web Site Reviewer

I don’t have to tell you that there are millions of sites on the Web that – to be blunt – stink! The owners of these sites either don’t have the time or skill to fix them, or they don‘t understand why their site is not working. They are losing money, and they don’t know what to do. Ah – an opportunity!

Dont be a Victim of Online Auction Fraud

The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) reported that last year 7.7 million dollars was lost through online auction scams. The actual losses are much greater. Most auction scams are not reported because they involve only small amounts of money.

Printer Cartridge Price Fixing

Printers are one of the biggest rip-offs in computing today. Companies like Hewlett Packard (HP) and Cannon throw together a bucket of cheap plastic parts and charge you $150.00 for it. Then, they price gouge you for the ink cartridges.

What Sells on the Web? Information Products

Statistics show that most people come online seeking free information. However, if in their search, they come upon an interesting for sale information product, they will make a purchase. There are several reasons for this:

Static Discharge Causes Flaky Damage

Some time ago I purchased a motherboard, CPU, and memory from a local computer store. The sales person did me the “favor” of plugging the CPU and memory into the motherboard. I held my breath as this was done with no care whatsoever taken to prevent damage from a possible electrostatic discharge.

The Alchemist’s Dream Discovered on the Web

Two hundred years ago, the alchemists dreamed about finding something that they could turn into gold. Today that something has been discovered on the Web. It’s traffic. Every marketer knows that sales is a numbers game. The more eyes you put your offer in front of, the more sales you make. But how do you get traffic?

What is a Web Service?

Try to find an article on the Web that explains, in plain English, what a “Web Service” is and you’ll be going around in rhetorical circles with no simple explanation, and no examples. Most articles start out with some ambiguous explanation like: “Web services identified with WSDL and UDDI protocols make functionality available over the Internet using SOAP encapsulated in XML envelopes” and then the articles start spewing out programming code. Examples of programming code don’t help if you don’t have an overview of what a Web Service is.

Upward and Onward with Ezine Income

In the introduction to the ebook Ezine Power, I reveal that publishing an ezine can be a business that provides you with a moderate income. What do I mean by “moderate” income?

Internet Time Bomb Ticking

This morning I joined a traffic exchange network. You are probably familiar with traffic exchange networks. You logon to a traffic exchange network and earn credits by using their application to view the web sites of other members of the traffic exchange. You trade the credits for visits to your web site by other members.

You Are Paid for the Value You Add
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This is the basic tenet of all economic activity. You purchase input materials, add value to them, then sell them at a higher price. Let me give you some examples.