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The Google Patent and SEO
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Google’s Patent Application contains a lot to read and reading it may take some time, but if you own any type of website, this is all information you need to know. It also brings some interesting points up. While I go over some of the important points, know that no one knows which of these factors is given more weight than the others.

Nuthin’ New Except Search Terms

Is there such a thing as brand new search term? Something that has never been typed into a search engine box before.

Stop Marketing NOW!

I bet that title caught your eye. Is it something you have felt while staring at your computer screen at 2 a.m.? Sometimes you just need someone else to push you away from this stupid internet marketing bug. After all, there is too much competition because everyone is doing it.

Internet Marketer Diagnosis

Thank you for stepping into my office. Let’s see. You’re at your computer now and probably have been for the last few hours, but you show no signs of fatigue, so that’s good. Well what are some of your symptoms?

Thinking Beyond Search Engine Stats

First of all, what type of keywords should you optimize for? A single word, a whole sentence. The actual question is what are people searching for? Here is a breakdown of the most popular type of searches.

Affiliates, Choose Your Adwords

I’ll have to admit that I didn’t believe all the hype about Google Adwords for the longest time. Then I caught myself clicking on some of the Adwords ads instead of the search results. That made me think. Five bucks. What’s five bucks? Lunch at McDonalds. I could skip that for a day. So I surfed Clickbank for a while, found something new and really targeted, popped a few keywords in and wrote the ad. Basically, I used the sledgehammer method of marketing. Fifteen minutes later, I was getting clicks. Then I went to bed, of course. A few things I have learned. If I’m on the computer at one in the morning, I must hide my creidt card from myself. Or maybe I was wrong?

Some Ebay Tips for Info Sellers


I only use two tools to help me run my auctions, Turbo Lister and Shooting Star. Links to these products are in the resources section.

Are You Willing to Follow Three Easy Rules to Kill an Internet Guru?

I know the title is kind of absurd. I came up with it with Headline Creator Pro. What can I say? But it did give me the idea for this article and that was enough. It also contains a little bit of truth. But I will get to that later.

Planned Procrastination

Have you ever reached a dead end in a project? Experienced writer’s block right in the middle of an article? How do you overcome this problem?

A Budding Entreprenuers Prayer

Please give me a day job that I hate enough so that when its time to quit, I know. So I don’t say “But I will loose my health insurance, but I have two weeks vacation coming, but I worked my way this far, but I really do like my boss, but…”

Living the American Coma

I stood outside on my balcony this weekend. Lightning bolts shook the sky and the whole world was encased in a sick emerald green. The air had a chill to it and just minutes before was silent. Not so now. Trees are bowing to the ground and limbs are flying across the road.

Unleashing an Ebay Virus

So you’ve built your website, optimized all of your keywords, created great content, and studied all the traffic-building techniques until you are blind from staying up until two in the morning. You’ve read the ebooks, bought the packages, set up autosurf programs, and even tried safelists, but the traffic you get is not rush hour. It’s a trickle. Let me suggest something.

Leading the Blind

To a lot of people, there are only two ways to make money. One, agree to sell your soul to the 9 to 5 prison of a “real” job in exchange for a paycheck. Two, break the law in some way and receive your money illegally.

Your Ebay Swipe File

Despite being on eBay for a while and watching the auctions whenever I can, there always seems to be new types of auctions and products sold at auctions popping up every day.

A Phd in Internet Marketing

Let’s take a look at the job requirements of an internet entreprenuer, if you had to go through an interview before you actually started working. Okay, first you would definitely need an MBA.

Personal Feedback

Internet marketing takes a lot of work. I am not going to lie. Anyone that tells you otherwise has already made it past the startup phase and has reached guru status. In the end, only you can decide which route you want to take on the web and asking yourself a few simple questions may be more important than finding “the next big trend.”

Take It to the Net

A lot of the innovations that you run into online are just offline businesses, marketing, and products that have been converted to their online form by an entrepreneur that decided to take a little risk and run with a dream. And if you think that everything has been done before, think again.

Follow The Leaders

Why not pick one guru and follow his plan step by step until you achieve his results and make as much money as he does? Because you never will. Copycats never do. If you have ever purchased a brand new ebook, waited impatiently as it downloaded and then opened it to experience deja vu, you know what I mean. Instead I have another suggestion.

Just Write an E-mail

How did you sell your last product? Imagine that I am a newbie writing you an e-mail after reading your ebook. How would you answer the question? I bet you could send me a 300 word reply in no time. Words would flow from your keyboard as fast as you can type. You have just written your next article. Don’t think so? Too easy? Read the next paragraph.

Slow Down Marketing

Competition in the retail marketplace has forced many stores to cut costs to the bone so that they can cut prices, which, of course means that they must cut back on labor costs. And this leads to treating customers like cattle, whether you want to or not. Get them in, shake them down for as much money as you can and get them out. And how does the corporate office try to get employees to fake customer service? By using canned phone answering techniques, greeting the customers at the door, and basically creating a frontline of expendable, robotic employees. Why do I bring this up?

Inspiration Has Job Security

The deadline for your ezine was yesterday. You have nothing to say. The last week you have spent preparing for a vacation, working overtime at your day job, fighting with your girlfriend. Just fill in the blank. Oh wait, you don’t have to. Somehow there is always an excuse to fill that blank. So, what do you do now?

Selling Niche Items on Ebay

A website is great to have for residual income, for presence, to have a place called home on the internet. I admit I love it. Instead of hunting for sites to host my pictures and software for free, I have a place and it is all mine. But nothing beats eBay for instant, in your face sales.

Selling Bookmarks for Profit

Everyone has passions and interests that they can cash in on, even if they don’t have the time to write an ebook. Where is this gold mine hiding? In your bookmarks, in your favorites file. Whetever you call it, there is money hiding there, just waiting for you to cash in on it.