About Sonu Kapoor

Codefinger was founded 2000 by Sonu Kapoor. Sonu has studied E-Commerce in India and currently lives in Germany. After graduation he worked for several companies in Germany. He currently works as a Network Consultant and Software Developer. He has written many applications in various programming languages like VC++, ASP, ASP.NET, XML or XSL. Besides his passion for developing applications, Sonu writes articles for several major websites like Developer.com. He also works as a freelancer for CodeGuru.
An easy way to use Skins in a Dialog based Application

This is a very simple example to implement a skin in a Dialog Based Application. The Code is actually written by a friend ( sun@codefinger.de ) of me, so I am not the one who wrote the code, thanks to him. I am just showing you how simple it is to use. Also thanks to “Davide Calabro” who gave me the Permission to use the CButtonST class.

What is ASP.NET?


In the past I worked very much with ASP and everything was fine for me. But I thought why not try the newer Technology of Microsoft called ASP.NET ( Active Server Pages ). In this Article I will try to explain the basics of ASP.NET. I will not only explain the theoretical part but I also will show you some practical “hello world ” style examples. For these examples I will use C#, and VB.NET. If you have any comments, suggestions, or any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will try to answer all questions as good as I can. So take a cup of tea, have a seat on your favorite place and enjoy this article.

Adding and displaying data easily via ASP and XML/XSL
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Storing and displaying data is a common and essential task, if you are working with Applications. It doesn’t matter whether you are working with desktop Applications or WebApplications.

How to use XPath and sorting in XML

In the first article I have shown you how to get quick results with XML,XSL and ASP. I have also introduced a short paragraph about XPath. In this article i will show you how you can use this combination with a very easy and understandable code to sort data. As sorting is a very important task that needs to be implemented in nearly every form, simplifying its implementation will save you precious developement time in your projects. As opposed to the hand crafted solutions that one needed to use in the past, XPath enables you to write robust, self documented and easy to understand sorting code with a very short developement cycle.

Your Own Guestbook In ASP.NET

Recently I was working on my website in which I wanted to implement a guestbook. So I searched the web to get the best guestbook for my Website. But then I thought: Hey I am a developer, why not create my own one. It was very easy to create a guestbook and you can do it too. In this article I will show you how you can easily create a guestbook. To understand the article, I assume that you have already knowledge about the basics of ASP.NET programming and XML/XSL skills.

Retrieve quick results with ASP/XML and XSL

Recently I was working on a new Project about ASP along with XML/XSL. I recognized that ASP with XML is a very powerful tool and that was the main reason I wrote this article.