About Soma Ghosh

A graduate in computer science and engineering, Soma Ghosh has developed a wide range of Java applications in the areas of e-commerce and networking over the past seven years. She believes that wireless commerce represents the near future of the industry and has recently been drawn to wireless initiatives of existing desktop components and models. Soma is currently an application developer with Entigo, a pioneer and industry leader in real e-business solutions and B2B sell- and service-side e-commerce products. She can be reached at sghosh@entigo.com.
Extend J2ME to Wireless Messaging
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The notion of wireless messaging provides a whole new vista to J2ME. J2ME applications powered by wireless messaging have a platform-independent access to wireless communication resources like Short Message Service (SMS) and Cell Broadcast Service (CBS) for Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) Networks, a mobile telephony system permitting inter-country communication.

Before proceeding with the details on how J2ME Wireless Messaging works, I will discuss, in short, the SMS and CBS messaging systems in a GSM Network.