About Solomon Rothman

Solomon Rothman is the CIO for Social Media Systems; an online marketing company that helps its client succeed by providing web development bundled with search marketing. He authors numerous blogs including 3net Search Engine Marketing Blog and loves the ongoing challenges of the online marketing world. Besides technology, Solomon's other passions including filmmaking & screenwriting.
Less Sensationalism in Social Media

I submitted an article written in 2005 to Netscape (for those of your outside of the social media world, Netscape a runs “submit and vote on news site” like Digg).

User Generated Content – Accurate, Not Insult

One of the most repeated terms added to the new web 2.0 glossary describing current trends in web design is “user generated content.”

Google’s Incomplete SEO Advice

If you do any research on SEO you’ll find this statement repeated more then any other – “make sites for users not for search engines.” It even appears in the the guidelines of the webmaster help center right on Google.com. It’s one of the core fundamentals in what’s considered “white hat” SEO or SEO that conforms to all of the search engine guidelines in the interests of improving the web.

Should You Go Niche?

Faced with the massive amount of competition among anything even remotely general online, it’s no wonder why most SEO consultants (including SEO super stars like Aaron Wall) routinely regurgitate the conventional marketing wisdom of go niche.

In fact, lately website owners are taking this to a new level and going extremely niche, creating massive websites to target an extremely narrow subject.

Liquid VS Fixed Layout Debate in Modern Web Design

For the last 10 years the question of whether to use fixed or liquid layouts when designing a website has raged on in the web design world, with major design players on both sides of the proverbial fence.

Recently though, as screen resolutions have increased dramatically, fixed layouts have all but replaced liquid, but there are still come major advantages to a liquid layout if designed properly.