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Solomon Rothman is the CIO for Social Media Systems; an online marketing company that helps its client succeed by providing web development bundled with search marketing. He authors numerous blogs including 3net Search Engine Marketing Blog and loves the ongoing challenges of the online marketing world. Besides technology, Solomon's other passions including filmmaking & screenwriting.
Why Your Business Blog Shouldn’t Be On Blogger

Here are just a few reasons why your main business blog should absolutely not be on blogger.com or really any of the free blog sites.

Build Your Social Media Site With Open Source Scripts
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Occationally I talk to progressive companies that have taken the leap into social media and have implemented full social communities with lots of features that enable users to interact on the site, but when I look at their site I discover a propriatry custom scripted website.

In most cases this is a GIANT Mistake.

What Resolution Should Your Site Look the Best On?

The answer most web designers will give without even a hint of thought is 1024 X 768. While on the surface that may seem like logical choice since according to most website’s analytics, it’s the resolution group with the highest amount of visitors.

What Traffic Sources Should You Target?

Recently I’ve read about otherwise sane Internet Marketers (also called SEO’s) targeting Digg comments at an attempt to direct traffic to a particular website. The first thing that came to mind was that running a campaign specifically to garner traffic from the comments of a techie social media site is probably not going to have a great ROI. I may be wrong, depending on your target market, but nonetheless blog posts abound SEO’s spending lots of time on ineffective strategies abound.

Blogging to Build a Community

This week I had the joy of looking for a blogger to write a weekly column for a social media site centered around movies, filmmaking and pop culture that I’ll be launching next month. In my ad I explained my goals, gave my bio, pointed to this blog and asked to see a writing sample.

The Mind Blowing Evolution of the Social Web
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Online marketing is as much about knowing where the web is going, as it is about understanding the current snapshot of how things work now. Early adapters to technology and those that embrace trends will reap huge rewards.

Adtech Interview – Simple Feed

Simple feed is an RSS publishing company that provides RSS services and syndication to large companies like DMC and Procter & Gamble. Their representative talks about where he sees the company headed and what he thinks about the future of social media.

Adtech Interview – Doug Hansen, Omniture

Omniture provides a web analytics platform that allows companies to track all their online stats, from SEO campaigns to PPC advertising. Their major tool is called “Site Catalyst,” a tool that lets users track their business more effectively.

Adtech Interview – Tom – Quigo Technologies

Quigo Technologies provides content-targeted ad services and search engine marketing solutions. Israel interviewed Tom (of Quigo) about the features and benefits of their adsonar and feedpoint services.

102 Ways to Make Your Blog Not Suck
  1. Make sure a new visitor can discern the who, what, where and why of your blog within three seconds
  2. Write original content
  3. Make your posts scan-able
  4. Use pictures and other visual content
  5. Use a custom theme
  6. Have easy and multiple subscribe options
  7. Include blog author information
  8. Don’t use too many categories
10 Rarely Used Tips to Supercharge Your Blog

1. Always make sure the top post on your blog has unique content that is attractive to a first time visitor. Bloggers write a lot of different things, including personal rants, news, link lists and lots of content that directs visitors to other resources and sites. While this is great, it can have massive effects on new visitors who stumble onto your blog; after all, the first thing they get to look at is the top post. The main homepage of your blog will be the strongest page for rankings and branding, as well as offering the best opportunity to win new subscribers and visitors.

Separate Blogs to Appeal to Niche Audiences

Need more traffic for very specific niche keywords. One way to appeal to a very niche audience is to set up a separate blog apart from your main company site or blog. 

SEM – Beyond the Popularity Contest

In my last article I wrote about how search marketing is currently like a giant popularity contest. This begs the question of what’s going to come next as Google’s and the other engines’ algorithms keep evolving and take into account more and more data. What will this mean for search marketers?

SEM – The World’s Largest Popularity Contest

Currently, search engine marketing is best described by the phrase “popular.” This may change in the future, but right now, to rank in a competitive search term, you have to be popular; you know, like way back in high school where there was a division between the “cool kids” and everyone else.

Another SEO Challenge, This Time for Godin

If you don’t know who Seth Godin is, you probably don’t read a lot of marketing blogs or marketing books. He’s authored about a dozen, including my personal favorite entitled “All Marketers Are Liars.” He’s spoken at Google and his blog was recently listed as the number 1 marketing blog in the world.

Ok, enough with his bio; one of his recent posts greatly disappointed me, because he apparently doesn’t understand SEO. After looking deeply at his blog, I was horrified to discover some major downfalls. So I’m going to make some claims, show some evidence and put forth a logical case against his view point and I’m even going to slam his article on SEO as naïve, ill-contrived and most importantly, encouraging of a very expensive mistake for business owners. I’ve got nothing personally against him, but when someone that public publishes something so ignorant concerning a large part of my profession, it warrants a strong response.

Creating a Blog That Attracts the Right Links

I setup A LOT of blogs (5 so far this week) and many times it’s difficult for customers to get or understand is that one of the key components in a successful blog search marketing campaign is shaping a blog so that it attracts links automatically from other on-topic blogs and sites.

A-listers Feel the Heat

One of the top search marketing bloggers “Michael Grey” recently made a video cast telling new SEO bloggers to “step away from the keyboard.” Going on to rant on about if you can’t add something unique or different to the conversation then why bother. Well for one even if your blog doesn’t have a lot of subscribers it can be extremely valuable for your customers, yourself, and search engine rankings (Google loves fresh content and so should you).

Scoreboard Media Group Doesn’t Get SEO as Marketing
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Can you believe a professional search marketing company called the Scoreboard Media Group actually posted a claim that the first question you should ask an SEO consultant is:

What’s the Most Important Blog Marketing Secret?

This article is the first in a follow up series on a popular article I wrote last week making the case for the need to market your blog’s content and how I believe the reason good blogs often go unread is do to poor marketing.

Getting Links from A-List Bloggers

As in any community, there are the trend setters, the visionaries and the superstars. They’re the ones that are quoted, read and referenced most, the movers and shakers of their particular realm. Blogging is no different.

How Social Media and Search Redefine Expert / Guru

Search marketing & social media have forever re-defined the way we find, qualify and think about expert and guru. Anyone with a website or online presence can put the word expert or guru next to their name, publish an article on whatever they want and market it to the world.

When online users vote for the article on the social media sites, other bloggers link to this article, and generally the ideas are either embraced or refuted. The article may then end up ranking for the key terms associated with his or her profession. The word without reference has lost meaning and the way a real expert or guru is viewed online has to do with if the online community has embraced them or not, or whether they can market to an audience and then perform or verify what they said /claim is actually true.

Spotting Blogging Opportunities in an Oversaturated Field

Common sense states that if you’re new to blogging, it’s going to be a lot easier for you to gain an audience if you pick a field that’s not oversaturated with high profile bloggers and thousands of new bloggers writing about the same subject.

Easy SEM Advice That Really Isn

I read more search engine marketing blogs than you would probably ever want to. One thing that continually re-appears, even amongst the industry leaders, are endless lists of easy-sounding advice usually with a DIY (Do it Yourself) slant. They include things like:

Marketing Content – Good Blogs Often Go Unread

Web content is becoming a commodity; the old “build it and they will come” strategy never did work and as more content is put online at a faster rate, it becomes less effective by the day.