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Shruti Gupta works for ECommerce Partners.net (http://www.ecommercepartners.net) - a website design company in New York. Her life revolves around developing search engine friendly websites. Email:info@ecommercepartners.net
Search Engine Optimization Part of Web Usability

E-businesses invest lots of money in search engine optimization. This is good news as this implies that they realize the value of search engine optimization.

How to Create Columns with Divs
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When we at Ecommerce Partners (http://www.ecommercepartners.net) started using div’s rather than table for web page layout, the most daunting experience for me was how to create columns using div’s. So, here is the solution for all those website developers who are struggling to use div’s for web page layout.

Browser Safe Fonts

Fonts make a big difference to the look and experience of the website. Usage of fonts requires sense of aesthetics and discretion. We have the liberty to use any font we want in an image but when we specify the fonts for the text on a web page, we need to ensure that we use only “browser safe” fonts.