About Shirley Hanson

Copyright 1998 by Shirley Hanson. She is a writer and direct marketer who helps consultants and high-tech firms attract more clients and customers for higher revenues. Also, she specializes in writing Web content that makes a difference -- more visitors who stay longer. You can subscribe to her free zine The Marketing Energizer for Consultants. The Hanson Marketing Group Web site features marketing tips, techniques, and A-to-Z steps at http://www.hansonmarketing.com
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Five Costly Errors That May Be Preventing Your Marketing Messages From Getting The Results You Want

What marketing tools don’t work for you? We ask this question when we welcome subscribers to our zine. Their answers are consistent: “We sent out a mailing and got no response,” they may say. Or they tell us, “Our letters, postcards, or brochures failed.”