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PR Measurement and Math-Challenged Communicators

It’s an amusing sight, a group of PR practitioners at dinner trying to figure out the check and the tip. Most communicators don’t do math.

The Problem Isn’t With the Press Release

Rex Hammock doesn’t think the press release is dead, but he was amused that news of the Google-America Online deal had been well-communicated by the time Time Warner issued its press release:

Buy a Domain, Get a Blog

Not too long ago, USB hard drives were expensive and uncommon.

Wikipedia as accurate as Britannica

A lot of angst has been suffered in recent weeks over Wikipedia, the free open-source encyclopedia.

The Evolution of Intranets

A lot has been made in the last couple days over Sun Microsystems President Jonathan Schwartz’s assertion that “intranets are going to die.”

Comments vs. a Little Green Icon

Every time I turn around, there’s somebody telling me (and the rest of the world) that a blog isn’t a real blog unless commenting is turned on.

WiFi: A conference requirement

Last week, one comment kept recurring at Lawrence Ragan Communications’ annual Web Content Management conference in Chicago: “Why don’t they have WiFi?”

“I’m Going to Sue the Internet”
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About eight or nine years ago, I was brought into a midwest financial institution to, among other things, speak with the executive team about the Internet.

Pointers (12-13-05)

If you’ve heard about the blow-up between Six Apart’s Mena Trott and a Les Blogs participant, you can actually view a video of the exchange.

Podcast Audio Search Has Arrived

I just got an email from Neville letting me know he had submitted our podcast, For Immediate Release, to Podzinger.

Employees Shopping At Work!

Hysteria in the form of statistics is making another appearance, and no doubt thousands of business leaders will jerk their Italian suit-covered knees and take steps to do something about it.

Former Google Employee Blogging

Doug Edwards, who was Google’s director of consumer marketing and brand management from 1999 until recently, has been blogging about his former employer for what appears to be the last week or so.

Newspapers Attack Government PR

Earlier this month I reported about an editorial in the Contra Costa Times that took the fire department and board of supervisors to task for spending money on PR agencies during difficult financial times.

Feedster 500: New and Improved

Feedster CTO Scott Johnston explains the improvements made to the Feedster 500, Feedster’s listing of the “most interesting and important blogs.” …

Revisiting the PR Licensing Debate

There’s a debate in PR circles-a decades-old debate-that centers around whether PR practitioners should be licensed.

Blogging about innovation

If you have a spare $1,895 sitting around, you might want to consider spending November 30 and December 1 in New York at Fortune magazine’s Innovation Forum.

Journalist Blog Network Launches Today

Thank God OSM (Open Source Media) launched today. Now I won’t have to decide for myself which blogs are written by the Internet’s brightest minds.

Radio Research Firm Predicts Podcasting Growth

Bridge Ratings, which conducts research focused on radio, sees a bright future for podcasting.

Corporate Firewalls Blocking Blogs

If you’re behind a company firewall, there’s an increasing chance that you’re not able to read this-or any other-blog.

Stanford Embraced Podcasting

Stanford University has embraced podcasting in a big way. The University where Google’s founders hammered out their code has loaded more than 400 audio files into a special portal in the iTunes Music Store, accessible through a page on the University’s own website.

More On McDonald’s Intranet Blogs

The launch of intranet blogs by McDonald’s is significant because it’s not a high-tech company.

Unbelievable Blogging Stats Unveiled

According to the results of a study released at the BlogOn conference in New York, 55% of corporations are blogging internally, externally, or both.

Ten Guidelines for B2B Podcasts

In my “Writing for the Wired World” workshops, I begin by pointing out a fundamental difference between business websites and everything else on the web.

Google Blogs On Policy Issues

While most companies struggle to figure out blogs’ role in the communication mix, Google has figured out that blogging is the best way to present its position on policy issues.