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Wikipedia Unmasks Plagiarism But Gets no Credit

The brief article by editor Frank Bridgewater in the January 13 edition of the Honolulu Star Bulletin informs readers that entertainment reporter Tim Ryan has been dismissed for “phrases or sentences that appeared elsewhere before being included, un-attributed, in stories that ran in the Star-Bulletin.”

You Can Be Annoying if You Just Stay Anonymous

Spirit of America defines its mission as extending “the goodwill of the American people to assist those advancing freedom, democracy and peace abroad.”

Not Your Typical Video Podcasting Tutorial

I absolutely recognize that video podcasting (whatever it might end up being called) is going to be a big deal.

Expression Engine has OPML. Ho Hum.

Dave Winer, who is just about single-handedly pushing OPML into mainstream consciousness, likes the fact that Rick Ellis has added OPML support to Expression Engine, and points to Ellis’s use of the outlining language on his blog.

Maybe Neville Will Read This Print Newspaper

Neville Hobson, popular PR blogger and my co-host on For Immediate Release, has pretty much given up on print.

Coca-Cola’s Reputation-Damaging Fake Blog

I don’t have a problem, in principle, with character blogs and fake blogs.

Selling Pixels is Catching On

The Million Dollar Home Page was a great idea. As I mentioned before, I assumed it was a great idea once and couldn’t be duplicated. Then, along comes Pixels That Rock.

I Also Oneself Something Would Want to Find Out…

The headline on this post is the first of two lines from a comment posted last night to something I wrote months ago.

Send a Text Message From Your Computer
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Teleflip has appraently been around for a while, but I hadn’t heard of it.

A-list Blog for Sale

Want a blog? Not some cheesy Blogger blog with a half-dozen readers, but one that’s already on the A list, a top-100 blog on virtually every list, generating around $2,000 per month in revenue?

BBC Opens an Authoritative RSS Primer

Complain all you like about how the bastions of old media don’t get the world of social media.

A List of New PR Bloggers

Thanks to Constantin Basturea, we have links to a whole new batch of PR blogs.

Self-policing PR: Should we out PR Spammers?

There are scads of approaches we can take to rehabilitate the image of the public relations profession.

Exaggerated Reports of Office’s Death

From all quarters you can hear the pronouncements of the death of Microsoft Office.

Snap a Bar Code Picture, Get Blog Reviews

TechCrunch reports that Toshiba has come up with an intriguing marriage of blogs and bar codes.

What POD Doesn’t Stand For

It seems to be a day of focus on words.

Useful Labels

I scoffed when a representative from Lake Superior State University, appearing on MSNBC’s “Countdown” (my favorite cable news show) issued the university’s 2006 “List of Words and Phrases Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness.” Among this year’s choices: “breaking news” and “talking points.”

The IT Take on Corporate Communications

I think I’ll write an article about router configuration.

Ziff-Davis Offers Nifty Blogger Relations Tool

Organizations should be looking for ways to get their content into the hands of bloggers who might want to write about them.

Microsoft’s PR blunder

Microsoft has been doing a pretty good job over the last year or so rehabilitating its image as The Evil Empire.

Flickr Video: A Great Example of CGM

Jonathan Coultons a funny guy. Some time ago, Neville and I played his song “Skullcrusher Mountain,” a love song sung by a typical movie evil genius to the girl he’s kidnapped.

XB90 Goes Down

I reported on Monday’s “Hobson & Holtz Report” that Om Malik had discovered a blog-purportedly addressing VOIP issues-that was stealing his content and posting it alongside Google AdWords.

A Worthwhile Year-end List

One of the things I’ve always loathed about the end of a year is the flood of year-end lists that seems to be a requirement to mark another passage of the Earth around the sun.

Outlook Will Soon Include RSS

Adoption of RSS feeds by those unfamiliar with it should get a boost when Microsoft unveils its latest iteration of Outlook, its email/calendar/contact application that is a staple in most businesses.