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A New Use for Tag Clouds

The Los Angeles Times has come up with an intriguing new use for a tag cloud.

Online Calendar Could be Big

From Scoble’s blog I followed a link to Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection and an entry about 30 Boxes, which enters public beta on Sunday.

Shooting the Messenger

UPI is reporting that General Motors has canned Tony Kowaleski as its top PR executive and convinced former GM communicator Steve Harris to come back and improve GM’s battered image.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

The Los Angeles Fire Department’s blog, produced by the LAFD PR team (as reported by Steve Rubel), has prompted an LA blogger to call on the Los Angeles Police Department and the Sheriff’s Department to follow suit.

Just why did the Government Break up AT&T?

Google is getting a lot of attention over some of its actions-notably its agreement to filter content on its search engine in China-largely because of its oft-repeated and closely held belief that it should “do no evil.”

Available Doesn’t Equal Usable

Media and bloggers everywhere reported Microsoft’s release yesterday of the Internet Explorer 7 beta with its tabbed browsing, built-in support for RSS (including enclosures), and improved security.

The Curse of Expectations

I remember driving home one night listening the radio (in the days before podcasting, maybe 20 months ago).

Internal Open Source Marketing

Open source marketing is a great notion, but it’s slow to catch on.

‘I’m Sorry’ Getting Easier to Say

I’ve seen two instances recently in which companies apologized after incurring the wrath of bloggers.

Blogger Outreach by Phone

Op-Ed News is reporting that US Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass) held a conference call with a group of political bloggers to provide an update on a filibuster he is planning with Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass) to stall the confirmation of US Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.

Maybe Not All Blogs Should be Journalism

Japanese athletes competing at the upcoming Winter Olympics won’t be able to blog about their experiences because their posts could be construed as journalism and disqualify them from the Games.

Crescenzo Likes What He Sees

Steve Crescenzo, the ultimate critic of crummy CEO and president columns (you know the ones; they used to appear on the inside front cover of employee magazines and sound like they all dealt with the same topic and were written by the same bedraggled communicator) thinks CEO communication has turned a corner.

IABC Opens Newroom

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)has added a newsroom to its website.

Work in Advertising? Read all of your Spam.

I was right there with John Durham from Carat Fusion as he berated his colleagues in the advertising business for their dislike of advertising.

First-rate Cruise Line Practices Third-Rate PR

For years you’ve been dreaming of a luxury cruise. Exotic locales, balmy sea breezes, tropical drinks with umbrellas in them.

Web Video Trends on Intranets

I had already been pondering the surge in popularity of online video when Steve Rubel wrote today about the “Big Bang” that occurred when Apple began selling TV series episodes and other video content through its iTunes store.

But Will the Offenders Care?

I wrote recently about Jim Horton’s proposal for calling out PR practitioners who use spam as a means of content distribution.

Trying a New Approach to Presentations

Several years ago, I saw a presentation at a conference in which the presenter used web pages in a browser instead of Powerpoint (or any of its kin).

Why Isn’t There More Talk About PR Uses of SMS?

I’ve been pondering the lack of discussion about the potential PR applications for SMS (short message service for wireless/cell phones).

A Fine Example of Flash

Let’s face it: Most of the uses to which companies put Flash suck.

Browser Relief for Keyboard Fans

I’m a keyboard guy. This probably is a combination of having learned to type in junior high school (a revelation; I started typing everything, and this was back in the days when your only choice was a manual typewriter) and having jumped into computers when your only option was working with a command line.

A Rationale For Moving Meetings Online

How many meetings do you attend that could be offloaded to a wiki or some other online mechanism?

AdAge Strikes Again

…it occurred to me that there is no such thing as blogging. There is no such thing as a blogger.

Another Blogging Survey You Can Dismiss

The lead on the press release sounds great: “Initial results of the “Business Case For Blogging” survey by Write2Market show that over half of business bloggers report closing sales through leads they receive through their blog.