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Shel Holtz is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology which focuses on helping organizations apply online communication capabilities to their strategic organizational communications.

As a professional communicator, Shel also writes the blog a shel of my former self.

Is a Free Phone Number Enough to Kill Skype?

Don’t bet on it.

BitTorrent More than Just a Tool for Pirates

I was listening to Dave Slusher’s Evil Genius Chronicles yesterday; if memory serves, Slusher’s was the very first podcast I ever listened to, back around October 2004.

Blogs vs. Blog: What Should we be Studying?

A piece just sent to me as part of the Poynter Institute’s E-Media Tidbits email distribution stopped me from working so I could gnaw on it a bit.

Hiding Behind the Facade

Anonymity makes a lot of things easier. Personal attacks and inaccurate representations, for example, don’t present much of an issue if nobody really knows who you are when you invoke them.

Blogger Relations Update #1

About 48 hours has lapsed since I sent out the first batch of some 60 invitations to participate in the Click.TV blogger relations program.

Blogger Relations for Click.TV
· 1

I’ve watched, read, and commented on any number of blogger relations efforts, from Andy Abramsons oustanding work with the Nokia n90 to Edelman’s controversial outreach program for Wal*Mart (here, here, and here.

Blocking RSS: Update

HR blogger Regina Miller followed up on my post about companies blocking RSS feeds with additional reasons to rethink such a draconian policy:

Companies Blocking Employees from Reading RSS

I dream of a world without prejudice. Wars will be a distant memory. No child will go to bed hungry. A organizations will trust their employees enough to let them subscribe to RSS feeds.

More Social media in the Enterprise

More examples of organizations using social media as part of their internal communications efforts. This one comes from Niall Cook, UK-based Netcoms director for PR agency Hill & Knowlton:

CGM in the News

Consumer Generated Media (CGM) has been in the news the last couple days. Two items in particular caught my attention.

Chevy Tahoe Kerfuffle: Does Chevy get the Last Word?

A ton of commentary has been levelled at GM’s Chevy Tahoe team over its Apprentice-linked effort to let customers assemble their own TV commercials.

Social Media in the Enterprise

Fun’s fun, but let’s get serious. David Murray, in his editor’s column in the Journal of Employee Communications Management, asked:

PodBop: Will Accelerate Podcasting’s Uptake

Two things will accelerate the uptake of podcasting. One is ease of use. The other is innovative podcasts to which people will want to subscribe.

Why are Intranets Stagnant?

The evolution of the World Wide Web over the last five years has been nothing short of astounding.

Flackette Trumps Strumpette

Strumpette is back, sad to say. I even read the latest post comparing PR people to aging German prostitutes.

A Meaningful Positive Review

When you write books, you often find reviews written by everyone from newspaper columnists to full-time book critics to bloggers.

Conveying Drama with Flash

I still maintain the vast majority of Flash implementations on the web are awful.

Security Fears Lead to Net Lockdowns

I run into more and more companies that are blocking RSS feeds, blogs, and other tools that ultimately increase worker knowledge and improve innovation and productivity.

External and Internal Communications

Regardless of the other communication disciplines I have practiced-media relations, financial communications, corporate PR, the list goes on-I have always maintained employee communications as part of my portfolio.

Strumpette Sends Unsolicited Email, Then Redirects

I have stayed away from the Strumpette fray. It struck me as a lose-lose proposition.

PR: Most Bang for the Marketing Buck

Back in late December, I wrote a post for my blog about the disagreement between Katie Paine and John Wagner over the value of measuring communication.

Podcasting: What’s In a Name?

A mini brouhaha has erupted over a report from Bridge Data that “reveals” most people who retrieve podcasts don’t transfer them to their portable digital media devices.

This Time, They’ve Gone Too Far

Interactivity, two-way communication, community building…it’s all good stuff. But sometimes, you have to wonder if the ability to do something means you should.

OTRO to Podcast Media Relations 2006

Eric Schwartzman will produce a series of his “On the Record Online” podcasts from the Media Relations 2006 conference, April 9-11 in New York.