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The Growing Irrelevance of Page Views

I’ve been suggesting for a while to clients and workshop audiences that page views are increasingly irrelevant.

Skype’s New Calling Plan

The Washington Post reports that Skype will introduce a plan that lets customers pay $30 per year for unlimited SkypeOut dialing to US and Canadian phone numbers.

IBM Group to Focus on Virtual Worlds

Brian Kramer from McDonalds dropped me an email with link to a C|Net story about the seriousness with which IBM is taking Second Life and other metaverses.

Social Media and Brand Evanagelists

Countless authors, speakers, bloggers, podcasters and other advocates of social media have pointed out that companies should focus on their biggest fans and that social media like blogs-along with other Internet tools-are ideal channels for such outreach.

Cisco Systems in Second Life

Cisco Systems is the latest company to open an island-two, in fact-in Second Life.

Dell’s Second Life Location

At the bottom of Dell Computers‘ home page, there’s a pull-down menu you can use to load a version of the home page in the language of your country.

Broadband Users

A lot of online marketing is being done based on the premise that more and more people who use the Net have made the switch to broadband/high-speed access.

Podzinger Rocks

When was the last time a search engine made you say, “Wow”?

Manufactured or Mobile?

Kami Watson Huyse has begun a very interesting experiment I’ll be watching with keen interest. In response to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales’ interview in PRSA’s Tactics, Kami has followed Wales’ advice and posted suggested changes to a Wikipedia entry in its related “discussion” section.

PRWeek Releases Annual CEO Survey

I just got word by email that PRWeek has released its annual CEO survey, this year looking less at communications and more at “the issues and information that impact corporate strategy.”

A Task for Any Social Media Business Initiative

I hope this post doesn’t come across as too snarky, but I couldn’t resist.

Does PR add value to the blogosphere?

On November 1, I posted an item to this blog, part of the ongoing Edelman/Wal-Mart kerfuffle. In that post, I noted that the interview Edelman CEO Richard Edelman gave to IT World would be dissected, “the group of bloggers who don’t like PR people being in the blogosphere,” as Richard put it. In response, Amy Bellinger commented:

Requirements For Social Media Press Release

Chris Heuer and the social media press release working group have released the requirements for a social media release.

Edelman Goes on Record

A quick search of Technorati reveals not much awareness yet in the PR corner of the blogosphere that Richard Edelman gave a detailed interview to IT World on the recent brouhaha over the “Wal-Marting Across America” flog.

Pluck’s Day Is Done

Pluck, one of the early entries among RSS readers, is fading into the sunset. The plugin for Internet Explorer and Firefox will be discontinued effective January 7, 2007, according to a notice on the company’s website.

Edelman Has Been Through Enough

I’m sure you’ve all seen some family-oriented TV show in which the teenager screws up big-time. When finally confronted by his parents, the teen is shocked that there will be no further punishment. “You’ve been punished enough,” the understanding parent says.

Serendipity and Podcasting

I experienced a bit of podcasting serendipity yesterday.

Edelman-WalMart Update: Richard speaks up

On his blog, Richard Edelman has responded to the flurry of conversation about the Wal-Marting Across America flog.

Text100 Explains SL for You

Text 100, the first PR agency to establish a presence in Second Life, has done a masterful job explaining the virtual world’s potential for public relations in a machinima video it has uploaded to YouTube.

Blogging and the Role of the CEO

Dave Taylor has been steadfast in his belief that CEOs should not blog. Period. End of discussion. He said so last year during Global PR Blog Week, and reiterated his belief in a post to his Intuitive Systems blog.

Live Voice Communication Comes to Second Life

“The line between the virtual and physical worlds is becoming thinner every day. As more complex interactions take place in virtual spaces, better communication is essential.”

Content, Technology, and Podcasts

I have been hearing and reading a lot of communicators lately proclaiming that, in podcasting, content is king.

The Need for Speed in Clearing Blog Comments

There is an expectation in the blogosphere-and not an unreasonable one-that bloggers will check their blogs frequently and clear out their comment moderation queues quickly in order to keep the dialogue fresh and current.

The Death of Big Conferences?

Why drag yourself out to a bar when you can sit all by yourself at your desk blogging with a Scotch in hand?