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How To Undermine Your Own PR Efforts

Recent statements by US President George W. Bush and some of his top staff members makes you wonder if they’re getting or ignoring advice from people who understand the principles of public relations. It almost seems like a deliberate attempt to undermine their own PR efforts.

Five Reasons Podcasting Matters To Businesses

While it’s the wannabe DJs who are attracting all the media attention in the fast-spreading world of podcasting, ITWorld.com has turned its attention to the growing use of the medium among businesses.

A Grab-Bag Of RSS Toys

Robin Good has put together a list of RSS tools and toys, most of which I’d never heard of.

Hired For Blogging

The Wall Street Journal reports that a “small but growing” number of businesses are hiring writers specifically to author corporate blogs.

Irrational Blacklisting of Blogs by Unaccountable Entities

Neville and I were copied on an email from Steve O’Keefe over at the IAOC in which he said he tried sending out the association’s newsletter but it kept bouncing back.

iTunes To Accommodate Podcasts

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, announced at the Wall Street Journal’s “D3: All Things Digital” conference in San Diego that the next iteration of Apple’s iTunes software will accommodate podcasts.

Intranet CEO Blogs

Thank God for Constantin Basturea’s list of CEO bloggers on his NewPR wiki,TheNewPR Wiki.

The Wiki Backlash

While there’s ample reporting these days about the blogging backlash, I’m not reading much about the concurrent backlash against wikis.

Do We Really Want CEO’s Blogging?

A letter to Business Week in response to the magazine’s cover story on blogging asks…

Internal Uses of Blogs

Among the letters Business Week received in response to its cover story on blogging came this one …

Gates’ Prediction On iPods Works For Me

There’s a lot of discussion over Bill Gates’ prediction that cell phones will eventually displace the iPod as the media player of choice.

Another Way to Narrow Your Margins

With the usual press release-driven fanfare, reserach company eMarketer has released a new study, “The Business of Blogging.” Asking price: US $695.

Cell Phone Text: A New Approach

Being a proud and dedicated early adopter, I read a couple books on my Palm when Palm-enabled books first became available.

A Character Blog Comes a Little Closer

The fact that I don’t object to the concept of a character blog doesn’t mean I’ve seen one yet that doesn’t suck.

Stop Defining Blogs

I’m a big fan of Doc Searls. Not just the Cluetrain Manifesto, but his blog, his input on the late, lamented Gillmor Gang, his keynotes, his other writing.

RSS Keeps On Trucking

DM News, the online news site for direct marketers, reports that RSS lets companies with smaller advertising and marketing budgets …

Apple: The New Microsoft

Apple Computers may not be able to make much of a dent in Microsoft’s domination of the computer marketplace.

Employee Internet Abuse Hyperbole

Here we go again. Will nobody stop these idiots? An article in the Maryland Business Gazette succumbs without challenge to the same stastical nonsense …

Microsoft Encarta Concerned About Wikipedia?

Microsoft’s Encarta must be feeling the pressure from Wikipedia. As traffic to the open-source, wiki-driven encyclopedia increases …

Newspaper Editor Starts a Behind-the-Scenes Blog

The front page of the business section of my hometown paper, The Contra Costa Times, bore this headline this morning…

Will Blogs Replace Press Releases?

Scott Baradell cites an Economist article in which Bruce Lowry of Novell foresees blogs “completely replacing press releases within 10 years.” The argument goes like this: The Net has promoted transparency.

Aggregators Abound

This morning, perusing my RSS feeds, I found an item I wanted to blog about. The source was an site out of India called Webnewswire. (The item prompted my post on whether blogs might someday replace press releases.)

The Blog VS. Journalism Debate Continues

San Jose State University journalism professor Richard Craig jumps into the blogs-vs.-journalism debate with a well-reasoned op-ed piece appearing in today’s San Jose Mercury News. Craig wins points by noting the whole debate is specious, but goes on to explain why.

New Skype Services
· 1

Skype has announced some new fee-based services, one of which has been long overdue.