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Call For PR Email Blacklist Should Be A Wake-Up Call

On his blog, Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo asks for an email blacklist of tech-oriented PR agencies.

Blog design an obstacle to acceptance

One reason all the gushing about how blogs will replace press releases and even PR in general is so silly is that most people still don’t pay any attention to them.

60 Milion Podcast Listeners?

Billionare blogger/Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban warns podcasters that they’re likely to find themselves on the same trash heap of history that contains early streaming audio efforts like those created for pseudo.com, broadcast.com, eyada.com, and others that have faded from memory.

Alberta Bans Keystroke Logging

The director of the Parkland Regional Library in Lacombe, Alberta, had some doubts about the productivity of one particular employee. Being the progressive manager that she is, she decided to assess the worker’s productivity by installing keystroke logging software.

It’s Awful Quiet Out There In Tech Support Land

Is something going on in tech support land? I’ve submitted queries to two companies through their formal channels. I might as well have folded them into paper airplanes and sent them aloft into the canyon just beyond my backyard.

Clustering: Is This The Next Evolution Of RSS?

I love RSS, but it has a ways to go before it hits its stride. I get way more information than I need in my channel groups.

Skype Introduces Outlook Toolbar

I just got through installing the Skype toolbar for Microsoft Outlook, and I’m impressed. (That’s not saying much; I’m impressed by pretty much everything Skype does.)

MP3 Phones Are Coming

Back in May, I posted an item here agreeing with Bill Gates’ assessment that cell phones will eventually displace digital media players like the iPod.

Study Reveals Negative PR Impact Of Google Searches
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As if we need further proof that organizations no longer control their messages, Market Sentinel has released the results of a study that spotlight the negative PR implications of Google searches.

A Healthy Diet Of Spam?

This one defies belief. A study conducted by the University of Alberta has concluded that unsolicited marketing email-spam-can be good for you.

Business IM Use up to 85%

A study from Radicati Group reinforces the notion that IM has evolved from a means for people to engage in idle chatter to a vital business communication tool.

Candidate Podcasts, Sort Of

Tim Kaine, Virginia’s lieutenant governor and candidate for the state’s top job, has his first “podcast” promoted heavily on his home page. Problem is, it isn’t a podcast, just a downloadable audio file.

e-Tailers Turn to Blogs

Online merchants – e-tailers – have taken to the blogosphere, according to a New York Times article from Bob Tedeschi.

Balancing Blogs’ Credibility

In yesterday’s “For Immediate Release,” I noted that Joseph Edward Duncan had maintained a blog. Duncan, in case you’re not following the story, was found in a Coeur d’Alene, Idaho restaurant with a young girl who, along with her brother, had been missing for about six weeks following the disocvery of the bludgeoned bodies ofher mother, her mother’s boyfriend, and an older brother.

Skype dominates VOIP

Most people have heard of Vonage, but Skype-which still causes eyebrows to lift when I mention it to audiences-dominates the Voice Over IP (VOIP) market in North America.

Does BusinessWire get RSS?

Judy Gombita reports that BusinessWire, the venerable news release distribution service, has embraced RSS.

Another call to replace PR with blogs

So Steve Rubel gets up at Gnomedex and says something along the lines of, “Blogging is PR with candor.” I wasn’t there, but I’ve read the reports of people who were.

A media-focused guide to RSS

After I posted about Alexandra Samuel’s RSS tutorial, I got an email from Linda Zimmer of Marcom:Interactive…

Ketchum’s iffy ideas

PR heavyweight Ketchum has come under considerable fire for the launch of its new-media practice, notably because the company doesn’t appear to have any bloggers on its team who can bring any kind of experience to the table.

LA Times Wikitorial Makes a Hasty Departure

As newspapers experiment with blogs and podcasts, it must have seemed like a good idea to the editors of the Los Angeles Times to see if another element of the social software suite could be put to good use.

Tech Media This Week

Sam Whitmore, the fellow behind Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey, has launched a new podcast you should listen to: Tech Media This Week.

Trackback Spam Out of Control

My friend Charles Pizzo sent me a text message to let me know he was trying to trackback from his blog to mine, but it wasn’t working.

John Edwards’ Video Blog

When they talk about convergence, I don’t think this is what they mean, but convergence is exactly what it is. Sen. John Edwards, already a podcaster, has introduced a video blog-or vlog-that takes the form of an interview.

Podcasts And Interactivity

I reported recently on an ITWorld.com article that listed five reasons businesses should consider podcasting. One of them was that podcasts encourage two-way communication with listeners. Specifically, according to the author James Lewin,