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Shel Holtz is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology which focuses on helping organizations apply online communication capabilities to their strategic organizational communications.

As a professional communicator, Shel also writes the blog a shel of my former self.

Real-Time RSS Updates

Setting your RSS newsreader to ping your subscribed feeds every five minutes just isn’t fast enough for you, eh? …

Does Weblogs Acquisition Herald A Reintegration Of The Web?

In workshops and talks, I’ve been suggesting that the web has become balkanized. Three separate entities have emerged; the reference web, the collaborative web, and the broadband web.

Will Bloggers Flock To Flock?

Later this month, Flock Inc.-a startup running from a garage across the street from Stanford University-will release the Flock web browser.

Research Says Leader Communication Is Crucial To Change Efforts

I must live right. I was preparing to conduct a post-session interview for a Conference Board podcast when I heard a remark from one of the panelists that made me sit up straight and lean forward.

Hurricane Katrina Evacuation Podcast

While Neville and I spoke with Charles Pizzo, who has been living in Texas since evacuating his now-condemned home in New Orleans …

Firefox, Buzz Marketing, and Truth

Firefox, the Mozilla-sponsored alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser-is the beneficiary of some of the strongest buzz marketing ever seen.

Can Blogs Turn a Film Into a Blockbuster?

Joss Whedon, whose “Firefly” TV series didn’t last a season, convinced a studio to produce a feature-length motion picture based on the series when DVD sales went through the roof.

Napster Nails Hurricane Relief

I have an iPod, so I get my online music primarily from Apple’s iTunes store. My wife has a Samsung digital media player, so she uses Napster.

Are Blog Trackbacks Conversations?

Steve Rubel’s post in which he explains his reason for rejecting a trackback from Jeremy Pepper has produced a blizzard of comments-26, along with three trackbacks, at last count.

Blogs on Letterman’s Top 10

You gotta love this. A veiled blogging reference made David Letterman’s top 10 list back on Aug. 5.

Gmail Now 3 Gigs

This may have been in place for a while but I noticed it just now – Gmail now provides 3 gigabytes of email storage …

Slamming a Client Via Blog

I do a lot of work for Lawrence Ragan Communications. And when I say a lot, I mean, well, a lot.

Blogs and Podcasts Together

A growing number of companies are employing blogs and podcasts as part of their communication mix.

Blogs Get More Commonplace

Information Week reports on a study from Internet metrics agency ComScore that shows a third of the Americans who are online visited a blog in the first quarter of the year.

A Blog Redesign That Rocks

A while back, I wrote about a study that suggested the design of blogs was an inhibitor to usability, particularly among those who are less-than-familiar with the various unique elements of a blog.

Internet PR Campaigns Failing

Imagine sending out a press kit containing nothing but blank pages because the photocopier stopped working after the first three or four copies.

RSS: A Puck To Skate To

Steve Rubel is amazed that Delta Air Lines’ new website-which garnered attention from AP-has no RSS on it.

Are we reduced to only one voice?

One of the arguments I keep hearing for using blogs for just about everything from marketing to press releases is that they are written in a natural, authentic, human voice.

Press Releases For All

In part of his response to my post on the press release meme, Eric Schartzman wrote, “…it’s tough, in today’s 24/7 news cycle where everyone has access to the newswires online, the segregate a news releases to just the news media.”

H&K’s Emergency Response Blog

If you haven’t read Niall Cook’s description of the blog Hill & Knowlton’s London office created to address the terrorist situation, it’s worth your time.

More predictions of podcasting’s demise

First it was Frank Barnako from CBS Marketwatch. Then it was Anjali Athavaley from the Washington Post.

OJR jumps into wiki journalism

The Online Journalism Review is one of the best sources of reporting on the applications of new media to the journalism business.

The Press Release Meme

The “press release is dead” meme just won’t go away. Every time you turn around, somebody is proclaiming that blogs will replace press releases.

Happy Customers Blog, Too

Rob Safuto, creator of the terrific Podcast NYC, is out with a new blog. The Red Room Chronicles is dedicated to Marriott Hotels.