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Shaun Fawcett is webmaster of a number of writing help Web sites containing tips, tricks and tools to help people with their everyday home and business writing. You can pick-upyour Fr*e copy of his latest eBook "Writing Success Secrets - Practical Tips and Tricks For Everyday Writing" here: http://www.writinghelptools.com/sga.html
Resignation Letters: Don’t Let Yours Backfire On You…

It turns out that “tips and templates on how to write resignation letters” is the third most sought-after information at my Writing Help Central Web site.

10 Secrets For Everyday Writing Success
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During my 25-year career in a variety of professional positions in both the private and public sectors I have written literally thousands of letters and memos andhundreds of reports. If I had to boil-down everything I’ve learned about practical day-to-day writing for both personal and business purposes into 10 key points, this would be my “top 10 list”.

Is Your Web Site Held Hostage By Service Providers?

Do you use third-party services to track the links on your Web site? What about for processing your online credit card payments? If so, you are probably losing sales that you don’t even know about.

Third-Party Services Defined.

Writing Business Letters That Get The Job Done

Despite the widespread use of e-mail in commerce today, traditional business letters are still the main way way that the majority of businesses officially communicate with their customers and other businesses.

10 Secrets For Writing Killer Complaint Letters

Complaint letters aren’t always fun, but sometimes they need to be written. In many cases, if people don’t complain, the problem agency at fault (i.e. company or government) won’t even know that the problem you and others may have experienced, even exists.

7 Essential Letter-Writing Strategies

Based on the feedback that I have been getting from visitors to my writinghelp-central.com Web site, letter writing is definitely the area where most people are looking for help or guidance when it comes to day-to-day writing.

How To Write Cover Letters That Work

Sometimes there is confusion about the exact meaning of the term “cover letter”.

Use Real-Life Templates For Writing Success

At some point along the way, most of us have used what are commonly called “fill-in-the-blank” writing templates. We might have used them to write a letter, format an essay, or set-up a resume or CV.

Recommendation Letters Demystified

There is a lot of confusion about recommendation letters.

Recommendation letters are often referred to in a number of different ways including: letters of recommendation, reference letters, letters of reference, commendation letters, and sometimes even, performance evaluation letters.

10 Tips For Writing A Winning Resume

Your resume (or curriculum vitae), combined with the cover letter, are the master keys to opening the prospective employer’s mind and door so that you can proceed to the next step in the process – the big interview!

7 Secrets For Beating Writer’s Block

Most people can easily identify with the dreaded “writer’s block”. It is a well-known phenomenon that just about everyone has faced at one point in their lives.

E-mail 101: The Dos and Don’ts

You would be amazed at some of the pure gibberish that arrives in my e-mailbox on a regular basis.