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Joint Venture Marketing For Local Business

When it comes to marketing, offline businesses could do a lot worse than following in the footsteps of online businesses, especially their use of Joint Venture (JV) Marketing. That’s when you market your product or service to the customers of another business, usually complimentary to your own.

Relationship Marketing – Key for Small Local Business

Someone wrote me recently and said “I don’t think every small business has the need nor inclination to send regular follow up emails.”

The “no inclination” part I can believe, but no need? Not unless you have all the business you can handle. Otherwise you need to collect (opt-in) email addresses at every opportunity, and use them to establish and build relationships with your prospects and customers.

4 Simple Strategies For Local Business Promotion

If you own a small local business, you wear a lot of hats. You probably don’t have time to think up ways to promote your business online. No problem. Here are 4 simple strategies that can reap big rewards for your local business.

Geotargeting Delivers for Local Business

For all we hear about the global reach of the Internet, people need to know what’s happening where they live. For most people, life is local. If the Internet is to be useful for everybody, it must be too.

Promote Your Local Business Using Traditional Media

Pick up any magazine and turn to the back. What do you see? Pages and pages of ads, some big, some small … and almost all of them end with a website address. Same thing with your local newspaper classifieds. The ad gets your attention and the website gives you all the details.

Everything Geo: The Language of Local Online Commerce

Local online commerce is going to be huge. According to The
Kelsey Group
, local advertising revenues are expected to
reach about $50 billion by 2006. Like all big trends, this one
has its own lingo. Here are a few of the buzzwords you may hear
in the coming months. All of them have the “geo” prefix, derived
from the word “geography” or “earth”. There’s very little written
on this subject, so please be aware that these definitions are
my OWN interpretations of various articles and resources.