About Sharon Drew Morgen

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Let’s Teach Our Buyers How to Decide

Direct response has been a subset of sales. In its most simplistic definition, it can be defined as any medium that will get a product offer in front of the most appropriate purchasing audience, offer product information relevant to the target consumer, and make available a response mechanism so they can purchase the product.

Facilitating Decisions: A New Way To Boost Sales

For years, marketers have assumed that because they can’t figure out just how or why a consumer chooses one product over another, the decision is an emotional one. As a result, they’ve used demographics to position their product within the range of decisions that a defined group might make. The marketer’s hope – and a hope is the operative word here – is that their product is positioned effectively for when the ’emotional decision’ is ready to be made.

Navigating Vendor Choice A Guide For Purchasing Agents

Purchasing agents have one of the most political positions in a business setting: they must help their users define all of the criteria surrounding their requirement, bring the technical people on board to accept a new piece of software, and then find the right vendor to suit the requirements.

People Power: Simple Factors for CRM Success

We’re good at implementing CRM technology, but our projects can still fail if we ignore the human element. Don’t let this happen to you.

The People Factor: Collaborative Decision-Making

Times are, um, interesting: companies are either stripping down to the bare necessities or recreating their business models so they can be ready for the future in new ways. In your company, you may be creating new strategic initiatives or hiring/firing/reorganizing staff. You might be adopting CRM technology or extending your current technology into other departments. You’re rebranding. You’re repositioning products.

The Decision Dynamic

In today’s business environment, companies face tremendous challenges as critical factors such as opportunity, risk, time, talent and capital constraints weigh down on their decisions. What have companies learned over the past year’s roller coaster of problems and conflicts, downturns, and disasters? Poor decisions can destroy multibillion dollar corporate giants virtually overnight.

Sales Doesn’t Work

For decades, our selling practices have been based on selling a product rather than helping buyers decide how to buy. Indeed, the underlying belief has been (and I’m being simplistic here) that products/services get sold when sellers pitch/present the product well. Or they get sold when sellers create great personal rapport with prospects. Or when the script is exceptional.