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Let Your Press Release Get Tipsy

When selling services, especially online, it’s often difficult to ‘show’ people what it is your business offers.

10 Secrets to Get Your News Release Noticed

It’s difficult enough running the day-to-day aspects of any online or brick & mortar business, let alone trying to drum up new business as you go. But even if you have additional staff helping to get the word out about your products and services, location and prices, delivery and sales support, news releases can make your company grow faster.

Narrow Your Market to Hit Your Target

To some online business owners the thought of specializing is terrifying. They think that if they specialize they’ll miss a huge part of their potential market.

Dont Be a Fool When Following Up

So you’ve sent out your press release about your online business and want to know if it’s going to be published. How do you follow up without making a pest of yourself?