About Shannan Hearne

Shannan Hearne is the owner of SuccessPromotions.com and the co-founder of ShoppingInTheSouth.com

What to Do When Your Direct Sales Company Lets You Down!

We’ve all heard the story. You sign up with a new company.

Styrofoam Marketing

Our society as a whole continues to use styrofoam even though we know it has a landfill lifespan of longer than most companies stay in business.

Printing and Marketing Lead to New Career

Work at home mom of three, Michele Barber of www.ChelesTreasures.com, has been making printed promotional products for direct sales representatives since April of 2002. Chele’s Treasures offers affordable alternatives to corporate printing prices and graphical restrictions. All Michele’s designs are original and created on her computer, so direct sales consultants don’t have to worry about copyright infringements or any other disruptions to their marketing efforts.

How to Promote Multi-Level Marketing Businesses Online

Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step toward your network marketing career by finding the company that is right for you and getting started.

When the Pie Gets Smaller, Have a Second Piece

Doing business on the internet isn’t an option for most business people anymore. It’s a necessity. But what happens when your business niche shrinks?

Optimizing For Search Engines

Optimizing a page for search engines requires various steps for different engines. Getting into the specifics for each engine would take volumes, because different engines use different factors in their algorhythm when they “rank” a site. The specific items you can tackle for any page of any site are the following: keywords, title tags, copy writing, meta tags, alt image attributes, hyperlinks, and headings. Here’s a brief explanation of each.

If You Build It, Will They Come

A movie a few years back made the concept of building something and having people show up famous. And, as Hollywood would have it, it worked. But this is the real world. Or at least the real internet world, and things don’t happen exactly that way.

Successful Online Gift Shop Marketing

With all the great wholesale companies available, virtually anyone can throw up a WWW shingle and start a gift shop. Additionally, there are thousands of wonderful gift shops online specializing in everything from apple art to zebra prints. How do you compete with your online gift shop?

Inter-Net Working

Your “web” of contacts is your primary warm market. Whether you are building a business clientele, a downline, a support group, or even just a group of friends. The place to start is your warm market. And your warm market is the group of people with whom you have a relationship. Pre-internet, this was largely made up of people in your geographic locale. Meaning that those you could touch were literally, people you could hop in the car and see face to face. Enter the internet. And your primary warm market just got a whole lot bigger!

Self-Sufficient Business Growth

Growing a business is hard work. Regardless of what you sell and how you sell it, getting and maintaining customers is a full time process.

Co-operative Advertising

Advertising is expensive. As a result, successful businesses are looking for more and more ways to save money on their marketing packages.

Vacation Marketing

Does your marketing come to a screeching halt during your annual vacation pilgrimage? Do you cease to promote your company and your products or services? Does your company dwindle into a period of non-existence while you are away?

How Much Advertising Can a Buck Buy?

You know those annoying commercials for dial around long distance services? A dollar? What can you do for a dollar? Well, I’ve decided they aren’t quite as dumb as the characters portrayed in said commercials.

Portal Marketing

Portal Marketing is the development of advertising messages which are displayed to very targeted groups of internet users.

Environmentally Friendly Shipping

I am a prolific online shopper. As a result, my UPS man and I are on a first name basis and I see more of him than some members of my own family.

Aside from the UPS man who makes deliveries at least weekly and far more often this time of year, my garbage man and I have discussed the issue of shipping, too. The UPS man just thinks I get lots of large boxes. The garbage man just thinks that I throw away large boxes full of packing peanuts, shreddies, and other assorted fillers.