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What Do I Sell?

What do I sell? This is a very critical question that I get asked very often. Yes there are loads of people out there who have obtained all the right online marketing tools, they have learned all the concepts and techniques of online marketing, yet they don`t know what to sell. Yes they keep shuffling along from program to program hoping to strike it rich somewhere. They loose a lot of money along the way to ultimately get disillusioned.

Bare Bones Of An Instant Hit Sales Mechanism

Business may be slow at present but there are certain products that have been an instant hit even in this slump. I have closely analyzed various such products and followed several of them right from their birth to discover certain common traits.

Hypnotic Writing: Seven Steps To Success

I am not sure about the ethics involved here but I do know one thing: It is a must need on the Internet. Without powerful writing, you will not succeed even if you are giving out free gold. A popular example being the experiment conducted by some marketing gurus. They advertised to give out $100 bills free. There was no response because the writing was not compelling/ convincing enough.

The Truth About Online Advertising

Though I don’t profess to be an advertising guru’, yet there are certain things I have learned the hard way while advertising my own website and Newsletter.

Emerging Marketing Trends

Net Marketers Beware! Change is in the air. As you all know, on the net change is the golden rule. The all supreme law that spells success of all shapes and sizes. If you are able to harness it, you can ride high on the waves of change and grab your niche fortune.

An All Powerful Marketing Principle

Trust is that one single factor that in itself can propel your business empire beyond limits.

Your Killer Ad – Some Killer Facts

No. This is not another article about attention grabbing, interest generating ads.

Just the other day I was on the verge of sending out my weekly Newsletter, when some intuition kicked in and made me click again on a featured profile. Whoops! the website was offline and I was left with absolutely no way of contacting that client, because the email address was centered to the domain name. Well I stopped that feature just in time to wait for the client to get back to me.

4 Steps To A Targeted Sales Frenzy

Target Your Customers. Yes zero down and pinpoint with accuracy. Grab them.

Have you noticed how a particular combination of shops always tend to cluster together, usually within easy access of a major consumer center. Say you will have a grocery store right next to a bake shop, a hair salon, maybe a pizza parlour or even an ice cream corner, a toy store etc. Simple they are all feeding off one another. Their customers are usually the same set of people. Say you go for groceries [a basic need], then your kid starts hankering after a toy. OK lets get her one. Oops it is lunch time. How about a pizza n ice cream?

10 Steps To e-Business Safety

Here are 10 basic ‘must do’ steps for small home based webmasters like you and me:

1. Trade mark all your slogans, logo, ultimate selling proposition etc. by putting a TM sign [For example: The House of Viral e-BooksTM ]. This also gives you a touch of `class` and creates a brand image for you.

2. Put a Copyright notice and date (Copyright [C] 2002 Your name) on all your creations, articles, sales letter, web pages etc.

Spiritual Ethics For Online Success

If you have had the chance to attend the matriculation ceremony while embarking upon any graduate program or upon graduation, you will recall that Hippocratic oath… Yes precisely that oath you took with your right hand raised, wearing that cool gown and hat. Shining faces. Pride in your voices. Your hearts beating wildly with great expectations, hope and determination…

4 Killer Steps To A Targeted Sales Frenzy

Target Your Customers. Yes zero down and pinpoint with accuracy. Grab them.

10 Critical Steps To e-business Safety
· 1

Web site and e-business security is a very sensitive issue. Some of the top brass in cyber-marketing have hired full time network wizards to work it out for them. Giants such as Microsoft have set up special network security courses just to resolve such issues.

If you had a brick and mortar business, you would be maintaining a regular schedule and time sheets to monitor your employees. Also you would be ensuring tight security by installing alarms, closed circuit monitoring (video cameras), electronic cards etc. Online too you need to monitor your 24 hour sales person…

5 Powerful Keys To online Advertising Success

1. Develop Trust – Think about it… you don’t just buy, you buy from specific shops. If some days those shops… Your shops are closed for some reason, you wait for them to re-open. Yes… you don’t just go to any hair dresser, you have your very own specific hair dresser or clothes shop, or even coffee/ diner. You aren’t satisfied with anything less.

Are you A Victim Of Chronic Freebie-ism Syndrome?

Hey… Is that you reaching for your receipt to claim a refund…Stop!

In my home town there is a store called the Future Shop. It sells all kinds of digital gadgets and usually gives a 100% refund guarantee within 15-30 days. Some unscrupulous elements take undue advantage of this marketing technique.

e-Business Made Easy

A business is a business is a business. Here the bottom line is if you don’t sell anything, you don’t make any money.

Whatever you sell does not really matter, but how you sell it does. Such cliches as selling `snow to the Eskimo` or `sand to the Arab nomad` are very true. You can sell absolutely anything if you do it the right way. The trick is to create a value in your customers mind and… Do it in the right way.

3 Steps To Skyrocket Your Sales Like A Fire Cracker

Crash! your half filled coffee cup shatters the silence splitting into smithereens and splattering the still hot coffee in all directions. You sit up straight ignoring the spilled cup, ignoring the coffee stain soaking into your carpet, with your heart racing and a slight tremor in your hand, you quickly type in your passwords to log in to your web account.

5 Little Known Tricks To Boost Your Online Experience

Every trade has it’s secrets… those little known tricks that are often easy to implement but known only to the `initiated few`. Does this ring some familiar bells… the master chef mixing in his secret ingredients. Okay so for those website owners, webmasters and people in the e-business arena, here are 5 `jealously guarded` secrets of the e-wiseman:

Discover How To Rank No. 1 on Yahoo And Google Without Spending A Dime

Yes friends I finally made it!

Go to Yahoo.com or Google.com and type `viral ebooks` in the search box. Out of 5940 results my site www.snzeport.com is at No.1, Similarly,

Keyword killer Tips

Though there may be more than a thousand ways to generate traffic to your website, keywords are extremely critical to blasting your website into the limelight. Stats prove that almost 90% of targeted ready to buy traffic comes through search engines. So here are a few more killer tips that will have a dramatic impact on your e-business:

Are ‘killer marketing tactics’ dead?

FFA page advertising once very effective, is almost defunct now; Banner advertising has lost its lure; Email lists are fast loosing out; Even ezine Articles as a form of advertisement are reaching a point of saturation, as any ezine editor will confirm.

Advertising Target Your Audience

Lately you have been hearing a lot about targeted advertising. To convert a major percentage of your site visitors into buyers and maximize the return on your advertising dollar you need to target your advertising. But what is targeted advertising? To gain insight you first need to answer the following questions:

Ad Writing And Tracking: Tips n Tricks

A lot has already been written about writing attention grabbing, interest generating advertisements. However as editor of a `free ad` newsletter, I regularly receive tons of `no pull` ads. Due to the critical nature of this issue, I will walk you through the ad writing and tracking short cuts once more: