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Sergey S. is a member of the Clever Components Team. The history of our site began from an Interbase DataPump and the original idea was to provide Delphi / Borland C++ and Interbase developers with high quality consultations. Nowadays we have many satisfied customers and can offer some excellent tools and utilities. We wish to maintain the highest standards in our service and keep our customers happy. Please feel free to contact us at info@clevercomponents.com
WinInet: Implementing Resuming Feature


This article describes the most efficient way to continue downloading a file from a point where it stoped and organize the mutithreaded downloading feature using the WinInet library.

Combine Streams in One Delphi TStream Object


This article represents a simple TStream class whose data is based on the number of another Delphi streams.

Combine streams in one .NET Framework Stream object


This article represents a simple Stream class whose data is based on the number of another .NET Framework streams.

Comparing database structures in MSSQL server

Many firms, developing client-server applications, have a lot of the databases, from developers DB to testers DB. Keeping DB in actual state can be automated easily only if there is centralized access to all of them and there are no developments on any of them. The last influences a lot of the DB structure because there is a possibility to break it while developing.

Adding Automatic Update Support to your Application

We would like to introduce a simple component which retrieves version information from the website and if there is a newer version available it will download update files via HTTP/HTTPS/FTP and run the update.

Automatic bug report sending from your application

Many software companies develop of big projects which are still supported and advanced after the customers accept them. Both sides are interested in robust and reliability of their program.