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Rise of the Spam Zombies

Pressed by increasingly effective anti-spam efforts, senders of unsolicited commercial e-mail are resorting to outright criminality in their efforts to conceal the source of their ill-sent missives, using Trojan horses to turn the computers of innocent netizens into secret spam zombies.

Honeypots: Simple, Cost-Effective Detection

This is the fourth article in an ongoing series examining honeypots.

Anti-Virus Defence In Depth

Lately it seems I can’t open my inbox with out seeing a new article on defence in depth.

‘Super-DMCA’ fears suppress security research

Steganography and honeypot expert Niels Provos may risk four years in prison by completing his Ph.D.

Sparks over Power Grid Cybersecurity

A new measure aims to protect the networks that control electric power distribution throughout North America. But not everyone is juiced over plans to hold utilities accountable to tight security practices.