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Scottie Claiborne is the owner of Right Click Web Consulting. She is a speaker at the Search Engine Strategies conferences and the High Rankings Seminars as well as the Administrator of the High Rankings Forum and a moderator at the Cre8asite Forums.
The Keyword Tools Trap
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When it comes to keyword selection, clients always want to optimize for the highest searched terms (according to keyword research tools) and those alone.

Motivating Your Web Site Visitors To Take Action: Personality Targeting

The theory that I’m presenting in this article is based on a variation of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Kiersey Temperament Sorters.

Accessibility Issues Make a Difference

You often read advice from industry experts along the lines of “using tags as they were meant to be used” and limiting your use of advanced programming techniques in order to make your site accessible.

SEO Without Usability — An Exercise in Futility

Recently, I needed to purchase some specific promotional materials. No problem, I thought, I’ll find a source online.

Understanding the SEO Industry

One of the challenges facing any new industry is creating a demand for and an awareness of the industry in the mind of the consumer. Since many Website owners have only a general idea of what search engine optimization (SEO) is and how it works, I’ve come up with an analogy from another industry that makes it easier to understand.

What is Content? Part II

Both search engines and customers love fresh, updated information. Some people groan at the thought of having to work so hard at adding new content, but it’s not as complicated as you think!

Hiring a Search Engine Marketer

Many website owners put the cart before the horse- anxious for search engine traffic and rankings, the first thing they do once their site is complete is buy a “submit to 1,000 search engines for $29″ service. Unfortunately, what they receive is a tenfold increase in e-mail spam but no increase in search engine traffic.

The Secret Sauce in Web Site Marketing

Web site marketing is about getting people to your site, then convincing them to take action: buy, join, subscribe, read more, etc. I’m going to give you the secret to unlocking the potential in your website. Right now. Absolutely for free. (Of course, if you WANT to send money, feel free to do so! 😉

Building Your Web Business With Links

Read the advice on SEO boards and tutorials these days and you will find a lot of information about linking. There are debates and “facts” on whom you should link to and whether reciprocal links are good or bad. The reality is that the Web is made up of links and you should link to sites that your users will find helpful.

Links Are All About Reputation: An Interview with Mike Grehan

Linking is a hot topic these days — anyone with a Website and an interest in search engine traffic knows that you have to get some good incoming links in order to be found in the search engines. However, most people are a little lost when it comes to landing them.

What is Content? Part I

Browse any webmaster forum or read web tutorials and you will find that nearly all the experts these days recommend that you have lots of good content on your site. Sounds like good advice, doesn’t it? But what does it mean?

Google Ranking Drop Update

An Interview with Matt Bailey

Continued changes in Google’s algorithm have more webmasters than ever concerned that their site might be penalized when they notice a drop in their rankings. How can you tell if your site is suffering from a penalty or just a change in the algo?

Digging Deeper into Search-Friendly Design – Interview with Shari Thurow

Here are Shari’s 5 Basic Rules of Web Design:

1. Your Web site should be easy to read
2. Your Web site should be easy to navigate
3. Your Web site should be easy to find
4. Your Web page layout and design should be consistent throughout the site
5. Your Web site should be quick to download.