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Scott Van Achte is the Senior SEO at StepForth Web Marketing. Since Joining the StepForth team back in early 2003 he has thoroughly enjoyed working in the search engine industry. When he is not busy earning his keep, Scott can be found spending quality time with his wife Lyndsay and new daughter Emma. Scott would be happy to answer any questions and can be reached at scott@stepforth.com.
How Does Slow Load Time Affect You?

In a world where more and more households are connected to the internet, bandwidth is becoming an issue and brownouts have been predicted to occur in the next few years. With the strain on the infrastructure of the internet this makes having an efficient, fast loading website all that much more important.

MySpace Overtakes Yahoo In Ad Views

According to Reuters, MySpace saw more advertiser ad views in June than Yahoo! Yahoo may be the second biggest search engine on the planet, but when it comes to advertising it saw 34.7 billion ad views compared to MySpace which saw 51 billion views. (figures are from a press release issued by ComScore last week).

Google Finds Most Cows Point North

The Los Angeles Times reports German researchers, through the help of Google Earth, have discovered that 2 out of 3 cows point North.

cow compass

Google Sued Over Voicemail Patent

Is there no end to lawsuits against Google? On Tuesday Judah Klausner, an inventor from San Francisco, filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Google, Verizon, LG, Citrix Systems, Comverse Technology, and Embarq.

Klausner’s company, Klausner Technologies, filed a patent back in 1992 for "visual voicemail", a way to apply a graphical means of interacting with voicemail messages, similar to the use of e-mail.

Prioritize Your Email With Microsoft Plug-In

Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new plug-in for Outlook 2007. Information Week reports on this collaborative effort between Microsoft Research and Office Labs. The plug-in targets email overload and "uses various algorithms to automatically identify the importance or urgency of e-mail messages delivered into an Outlook 2007 in-box."

It will allow automatic prioritizing of emails, and allow user to pause email delivery.

Music Onebox from Google in China!

Looking for free music online in China just got a lot easier – and its legal!

Windows Live Expo Goes Offline

I am not sure where I have been for the past two years, but today is the first time I have heard about Windows Live Expo – today is also the day I heard about its scheduled demise.

Apparently this classified ad platform was considered to be a major threat for Craigslist, and this month, on July 31, Microsoft will pull the plug and the classified service launched back in February of 2006.

Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope Beta

Microsoft offered a sneak peak back in February, and as of Tuesday the public beta of WorldWide Telescope has been made available, according to a Press Release issued by Microsoft.

No Malware on Google Results?
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Google has taken steps to remove malware websites from its search results, according to a ComputerWorld article released Wednesday.

Dogpile Outranking Google

J.D. Power and Associates rated Dogpile with the highest rank in customer satisfaction among search engines for the second year in a row.

Yahoo Ad Descriptions to Change

If you are currently using long descriptions for your Yahoo Ads, be warned that effective this June, the short description option will be the only way to go.

Google & the WWW Issue
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It would appear as if both www and non-www versions of websites are no longer being treated by Google as separate pages, at least where Page Rank is concerned.

We know that the visible PR in the tool bars is only a loose indication of a site’s actual PR, but it can still be frustrating when you see a low PR for the non-www version, and a higher PR for domains with the www. Recently we have noticed that the PR displayed is now the same for both versions.

Microsoft & Google Neck in Neck

In the world of search, Google has been number one for several years now, but when it comes to overall site traffic, until recently Google was number two.

Google Tests Search Volume

For quite some time Google has provided a keyword tool for advertisers with search volume represented by a green bar. While this green bar did help to indicate the popularity of a specific term, there was no way to know the actual number of searches.

Over the past few weeks I have seen accounts where some have reported seeing the introduction of actual search figures appearing along side the search volume green bar.

Do Not Believe Everything Your Read

Okay, so I said it all in the title. Perhaps you need not even read this article as you may start off not believing it.

Today I read an article written by an unknown name in the SEO industry (at least unknown to me). It had a number of points focused on improving search rankings and provided a bunch of tips on how to improve the overall standings for a site. Sounds like a useful article, and for many who read it, I am sure it was – or at least seemed that way.

Pros and Cons of Yahoo Panama

Near the end of 2006 Yahoo officially unveiled the new back end for Yahoo Marketing Solutions, widely referred to as the

Changes for Yahoo Search Marketing Bidding

This change has been forthcoming for some time now.

Google XML Sitemaps – The Basics

Google XML Sitemaps have been around for a while now and many webmasters are starting to become familiar with them.

Why Bother with SEO?

So you want people to find your website? First page placement can be as simple as investing a few dollars into paid search advertising. Within minutes your advertisement can be listed at the top of the pack among other PPC listings. When it is this easy to push your site to the top why would anyone bother with traditional SEO?

Ad Copy Important for PPC

When it comes to a successful PPC campaign there are many important factors including keyword selection, bid amounts, Destination URL’s, but one of the most critical is your ad copy.

Do You Need a GPS to Navigate Your Site?

There are many very important aspects in SEO, but few are as essential as proper navigation.

Google to Lose Gmail – Yahoo Sells Domains – Ask Goes Famous

Google May Lose Gmail

It seems that Google may have to re-think the name behind their upcoming email service, as they are fourth in line at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The office takes applications on a first come first serve basis, and as a result Google may be forced to come up with a new name.

Relevance and Link building

Why Are Links Important?

There once was a time when links didn’t matter – at least not like they do today. Some of the Search Engines looked at back links for a portion of their algorithms, but it didn’t carry the same weight as it does today. Now, in order to be competitive in nearly any online industry, back links are essential.

How to Increase Content When You Have Nothing Left to Say

Once upon a time in a search engine long ago, content was king and little else mattered. Then along came the links in an attempt overthrew the king – now everything is messed.