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Scott Horne is a software developer and President of Takeshi Media a firm that specializes in creating profitable and easy to use solutions for search marketers. You can use his free tools, code, and read his thoughts on search marketing on his blog, Web Professor.
Teach Your Little Ones with Google Apps

My seven year old son wants to program online games badly.

After playing Pokemon online he got the notion that he wanted to make something like that. He pestered me for days about setting him up so he could make cool games where his friends could checkout his games. I struggled for a few days trying to find a solution for him. He’s seven so there has to be some reward for the initial work he does to keep his interest. You can’t just throw a seven year old in the deep end and let him flounder.

Gmail as a Spam Filter on Cpanel

You probably have heard that you can use Gmail to filter spam for all your email addresses. You might have gone so far as to look up how to do it and end up a little frustrated because your not a server whiz and rely on cpanel to set up filters. The reason your having problems is because Cpanel is a bit different than a vanilla Linux install.

Quick Overview

A Look at Search Marketing Standard Magazine

Search Marketing Standard’s Boris Mordkovich offered me a subscription to their magazine a few weeks ago. I was dubious; I mean really, a magazine printed on paper about the internet? Despite my reservations I am a shameless blog whore so I instantly said yes.

Google Analytics for Tracking Google Base Referrals

Tracking referrals from Google Base can be difficult and confusing.