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Scott Gregory, CPA, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Microsoft Certified Professional is the president of Bond Technology. Bond Tech provides a full suite of QuickBooks and technology consulting services to small businesses. Services range from helping clients save money on their initial or upgrade purchases of QuickBooks to installation and training, as well as computer installation and networking. Contact Scott at SGregory@BondTechLtd.com, or by visiting their web site at http://www.bondtechltd.com/. Scott Gregory Answers Quick Book Questions: Click Here For Free Answers
QuckBooks 3 Common Myths

Have you seen the commercial on television that goes like this – “if you can write a check, you can use QuickBooks?” Well, it’s true, but there’s more you need to know.

QuickBooks Perspective: Is Doing Payroll Yourself Really Cheaper?

So you’ve decided to do payroll yourself rather than outsource it. Welcome to the brave new world of complex rules and regulations at several governmental levels! Were you aware of the penalties and interest that can be assessed if you make your payroll tax deposits late – even by one day? How about the fact that you could be asked to file over forty different payroll tax returns over the course of a year? Ever hear of the “100% penalty?”

Pop-Up Ads Driving You Crazy?

Being deluged with those annoying “pop-up” ads while surfing the Internet? You may actually be the victim of having “spyware” installed on your computer. This “spyware” is causing you to receive many of these pop-up ads.

Basic PC Tips

Scott Gregory can give you a hand with your basic PC and Web questions. If you have a question for Scott, send it to Scott Gregory and we just might use your question in an upcoming newsletter.

QuickBooks Q&A: Mulitiple Customers, One Invoice

Hi Scott, I run a sales & service business (I sell & service Fire Fighting Equipment) and I have clients that have multiple outlets.

These clients require me to call on their outlets but want only one Invoice to their head office.

How do I set up my Customers so that I have a main customer name and address and then all their other outlets?

QuickBooks Q&A: Graphing Units Sold

Q: Can QuickBooks be configured to show graphs based on units sold (not sales $) and can Sales by Item reports be configured to show the total units sold in addition to total sales $?

QuickBooks Q&A: Data Optimization

Q: My QuickBooks backup requires lots of floppy disks to complete. What can I do?

QuickBooks Q&A: Tax Tables

Q: I have a question about payroll items and tax-tracking categories in QuickBooks. I have just me and I’m an 1120-S, so I don’t feel it is worth the $169 subscription price when I used to be able to download the tax tables for free. I waited until February 2003 to activate my free download, but now the payroll area keeps running me through the setup wizard telling me that my tax-tracking categories are all wrong. Even when I check “this payroll item is inactive” for things I don’t use, it still gives me the error. Maybe this is just a quirky coincidence of me not paying the subscription fee?

QuickBooks Q+A

Send Scott the QuickBooks questions that are on your mind. He may not be able to answer your questions individually, but your e-mails will be used to shape future QuickBooks Q+A and QuickBooks Insights articles.

Scott Gregory Answers QuickBooks Questions
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If you’re one of the two million small businesses using QuickBooks software, you’ve probably got questions. Scott Gregory provides insight to you on QuickBooks topics such as:

  • Figuring out the answer when clicking Help just doesn’t help
  • Understanding the various features and functionality of QuickBooks
  • Trying to figure out how to upgrade to a newer version of QuickBooks
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    #1 Which Version is Right for Me?
    The old days of having 2 different “flavors” of QuickBooks are long gone. The folks at Intuit (the creators of QuickBooks) have been very busy working to tailor their products for the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.

    First, the core QuickBooks software is broken down into the following versions: