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The Right Tool for Your Marketing Job

Time is money; undoubtedly one of the oldest clichs in existence. Have you ever thought about what it really means though? Is bending over to pick up a penny worth your time? Maybe, but would it still be worth it to cross the street for the same penny. Maybe not.

Numbers not Crunched Become Soggy

Okay, you own a website that is also your business. There are some basics that you must have.

You’ve got a Mailing List. Now What?

You thought that if you could just get people on your e-mailing list, you’d be on Easy Street. Part of that thought is right because without a mailing list your email marketing strategy is irrelevant. If you’ve got a mailing list, my hat is off to you. But now that you’ve got them, how do you keep track of them?

Are You `Solving’ or just `Selling’?

Here’s a brief survey. How many of you sell something online? It could be a product or a service. Second question: If you sell anything online, do you write any material used to promote that product or service?

Unlock Adword Secrets with Keyword Generation

While there are many ways to make your home-based, internet marketing business soar, there are few that are as easy to start as Google Adwords.

The “All Thumbs” Approach to Testing AdWords Products

In continuation of our series of articles on improving your Google AdWords campaigns, we look at creating test campaigns.

Google Ad Copy that “Clicks”

Google Adwords are popular among many people just starting home businesses. Even many home biz veterans still use Adwords to promote their own products or supplement their income via affiliate marketing. While there is a learning curve associated with the Adwords process, it’s really not difficult to get the hang of it.