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Scott Buresh is the CEO of Medium Blue, which was recently named the number one search engine optimization company in the world by PromotionWorld. Scott has contributed content to many publications including Building Your Business with Google For Dummies (Wiley, 2004), MarketingProfs, ZDNet, WebProNews, DarwinMag, SiteProNews, ISEDB.com, and Search Engine Guide. Medium Blue serves local and national clients, including Boston Scientific, DS Waters, and Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. Visit MediumBlue.com to request a custom SEO guarantee based on your goals and your data.
Search Engine Keyphrases and the Power of the Modifier
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Most search engine optimization experts agree that the keyphrase selection process is the single most important step in a search engine optimization campaign. However, clients frequently ask their search engine optimization company to target very general and competitive search engine keyphrases. While targeting such terms is usually not worth the effort, the addition of a simple modifier can take an ultra-competitive, general keyphrase and transform it into something useful- a phrase that attracts a large percentage of people that are looking for exactly what you offer, and for which high rankings are attainable.

How To Hire A Search Engine Optimization Firm

Search engine optimization is a growing industry, and increasing numbers of companies are becoming interested in hiring search engine optimization firms. Unfortunately, many of these companies become interested in search engine optimization for the wrong reasons, and many also have unrealistic expectations. This article should help companies determine whether they are ready to hire a search engine optimization firm.

Track And Analyze Your Web Site Traffic

1. Track and analyze your web site traffic.
Most web hosts offer traffic analysis data to their clients, and it is arguably the most important tool at your disposal in measuring the effectiveness of your website. By taking the time to understand this data, you can begin to understand the motivations and interests of your audience. Are many of them leaving on one particular page? Perhaps you should make some changes to keep their interest. Are most of them looking at one particular part of your site? Perhaps you should make it a more featured area. Since this data updates on a regular basis, you are also able to gauge the effectiveness of any changes that you make. These are the most basic examples, as there are many more useful bits of information available- what search terms your visitors are using to find you, what sites are bringing you the most traffic, how long your visitors are staying, etc. Maintaining a successful website is an ongoing process, and visitor data is crucial to getting optimum results.

Selecting a Search Engine Optimization Company
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There are many factors to consider when selecting a search engine optimization company. Unfortunately, many businesses that haven’t previously used search engine optimization to promote themselves are unsure how to evaluate potential vendors, and many are intimidated by the entire concept. The following article, divided into five major topics of consideration, is intended to help in the selection process.

Wading Through The Search Engine Myths

There is an abundance of search engine information available on the web- some of it valuable, much of it contradictory. Throughout the years some prevailing search engine myths have developed. Some of these myths are still encouraged by companies with a financial interest in their continued existence. Others are based upon techniques that were effective years ago but no longer work. Still others come from simple misunderstandings that inevitably come with a relatively new medium. What follows is a few of the most prevalent.

Styling Your Copy for Search Engines AND Visitors

Since all of the major search engines use the words that appear on web pages as an important factor in their ranking algorithms, it is important to make sure that you let the search engines know exactly what your pages are about. However, it is just as important that you do so in a way that will not compromise your marketing message or turn off your visitors. To demonstrate how it is possible to style your copy for search engines without diminishing the visitor experience, it is perhaps easiest to create a fictional example.

The Tools That We Use

The Tools That We Use
We’ve received many emails asking us what specific tools and technologies we use in our internet marketing initiatives. This article will highlight some of the most important software that we have at our disposal. It should be noted that, in most cases, there are many similar products that compete with the ones listed (and many of them are also excellent). However, we have found that the following products work best for our specific needs.

1. TopDogPro- Ranking Software

Monitoring Your Search Engine Positions – Five Tips

Increasing numbers of companies are recognizing the importance of high search engine rankings as part of their overall marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many do not recognize that search engine marketing is an ongoing process, rather than a one-time “quick fix”. Protecting high rankings, once attained, is critical to the ongoing success of any search engine marketing initiative. It is also important to approach your monitoring efforts with a solid strategy and a proper mindset. The following five tips can help.

Are Your Rankings At Risk?

Ever since there have been search engines, there have been techniques that unscrupulous webmasters and shady search engine optimization firms have used to artificially boost their rankings.

As search engines caught on to these techniques, they devised ways to detect them without having someone physically look at each site (a practical impossibility, considering that several individual engines now index well over a billion pages).

Managing a Responsible Pay-Per-Click Campaign

What is PPC?
Pay-Per-Click is a paid form of advertising, popularized mostly by the “search engine” GoTo (now called Overture). The concept is fairly simple. Businesses bid to be placed at or near the top of the search results for particular keyword phrases. The bidding is done on a “per-click” basis, meaning that a company pays a specific amount every time the engine sends them a visitor. In addition, the top results on Overture also show up in the results of many of the popular search engines (usually listed as “sponsored” or “featured” results). Google has also recently come up with a similar version of PPC (AdWords Select) that has taken over some of the engines that used to display Overture results (most notably AOL Search).

Web Traffic and Your Bottom Line

Most companies that have websites have access to traffic statistics, usually provided by their web host. Those that don’t look at these files (or use a bargain basement web hosting company that doesn’t provide them) don’t know what they are missing- there is a wealth of information to be found, and reacting to this information can have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line. What follows are some of the most basic stats that are typically available, followed by brief suggestions on how to use the information.