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An accomplished copywriter, Sasch Mayer has been writing content for web and print for well over a decade. He is currently living in the Republic of Cyprus and working under contract to IceGiant Web Design.
Using External JavaScript Source Files

By now most web designers and developers know that JavaScript causes a real headache for search engine spiders.

Is DHTML Dead?

September 1997 saw the release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 4, an event which not only changed the face of web development but officially marked the start of the infamous ‘Browser Wars’.

Looking Beyond W3C Compliance

The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) was established by the inventor of the web as we know it today, Sir Timothy Berners-Lee in 1994 to create a uniform set of standards for the internet and its continuing development.

The Need for Accessible Web Design
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Given the many excellent reasons to make provisions for disabled users when creating a web site, why do so many professionals in the web design industry ignore this important facet of the online community?