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Constructing an All-Weather Mutual Fund Portfolio

Equity mutual funds perform differently in different time periods as investment styles and sectors come in and go out of favor.

Secure Your Retirement with a Rollover IRA

Switching your job? Retiring? Congratulations! A window of opportunity opens for you with the Rollover Individual Retirement Account or Rollover IRA.

How To Dissect Mutual Fund Returns
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While total and compound annual returns are useful, savvy investors will look deeper, using a variety of metrics, to get a more complete picture on mutual fund performance.

Smartphones – Beyond Voice to Information and Entertainment

Smartphones are poised to become the information center and entertainment device of choice. Increasing adoption and usage of smartphones bodes well not only for smartphone makers but also for the wireless industry as a whole.

Best No Load Mutual Funds: Mutual Fund Fees and Mutual Fund Expenses

When searching for the best no load mutual funds, some mutual fund investors often tend to focus exclusively on mutual fund fees and expense ratios. Is this always a smart way to select mutual funds?

Mutual Funds: Morningstar Ratings and Fiduciary Grades

Morningstar now provides Fiduciary Grades on mutual funds. How does Morningstar determine these grades? How can mutual fund investors use these grades to better manage their portfolios?

Biotechnology Investing with Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds

Shares of biotechnology companies have declined, after the much anticipated American Society of Clinical Oncologists meeting last week in New Orleans. This sector has been on a roll ever since Genentech (NYSE: DNA) vaulted 45% on May 19, 2003 following positive news from Phase III trials of Avastin in colorectal cancer patients. Is the recent correction a good time to fish or cut-bait?

No Load Mutual Funds: Boost Your Portfolios Returns

Investors who exclusively use broadly diversified, no load mutual funds for their stock investments often lose out on opportunities to increase the reward potential of their portfolios. This article looks at two methods investors may use to enhance the performance of their portfolios of diversified, no load mutual funds.

Using Sector Funds to Construct Diversified Mutual Fund Portfolios

Sector funds are too risky.’ I doubled my money with Fidelity Select Technology in 12 months!’ Avoid sector funds.’ If all of this sounds confusing, you are not alone. Sector funds are among the more misused and misunderstood investments. So, how should you use sector funds?

Is it Time to Hang-up on Investments in Wireless?

During the go-go days of the late 90s, capital was cheap and wireless service providers invested heavily amid ever increasing projections for wireless subscribers. Then the bottom fell off. Brutal price competition and the resulting customer churn took a heavy toll on operating margins as the DJ Wireless index swooned over 90% from March 2000 to October 2002.