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Google Reaches Into RSS & Social Network Ads

In 2005 JupiterResearch noted that less than 10 percent of RSS feeds had advertising in them, and no major advertisers were using feeds as part of their marketing strategies. 

How the times have changed. 

Google is acquiring Feedburner and sees it as a way for its base of hundreds of thousands of advertisers to reach some of the most active groups of Web users — social network members who use mini-applications called widgets or the growing audience surfing the Internet over mobile phones, executives said.

Socializing Your Internet Marketing Strategy

The capabilities opened up by Web applications such as social-networking sites and the close integration of media in software is changing the face of consumer marketing, said Robert Bach, head of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division at Mix 07 (Microsoft’s conference devoted to Web developers and designers.)

"The same technologies that are transforming the world of development are also changing the world of marketing," he said.

Here are some of the examples cited:

Digital Prowess Key to an Agency’s Capabilities

Keith OBrien reports in PR Week that the Fleishman HIllard conference focused on social media

Entertainment vs News – PR Crisis?

Gerald Baron, Founder and CEO, PIER System/AudienceCentral; Author, "Now Is Too Late: Survival in an Era of Instant News" made some pithy comments about the ‘news as entertainment’ trend and its effect on PR in today’s Daily Dog.

Online Video Success Depends on Content Strategy

Andrew Foote of Peppercom has some sage advice for firms looking for success with viral video and social media as part of their internet marketing strategy.:

Paid Blog Posts and Misleading Content

The LA Times reports that thousands of bloggers are writing sponsored posts touting such diverse topics as diamonds, digital cameras and drug clinics. The bloggers are spurred by new marketing middlemen such as PayPerPost that connect advertisers with mom-and-pop webmasters.  Thanks to Daily Dog for this item.

Why should there be concern about this practice?

Cisco Bets on Social Media for Marketing Strategy

In addition to their acquisiton of Five Across, which makes social-networking and forum software to help companies improve their internet marketing strategy and their communications with customers, Cisco sealed a deal this week to purchase software assets from, and acquire employees of, social-networking site operator Utah Street Networks.

Marketers Still Missing Social Media Target

BIGResearch’s latest simultaneous Media Usage Study raises a big flag for marketers and PR practitioners: you’re operating in a new reality of a consumer controlled communication model.

Building Your Email List with Social Media

“The money is in the list” still holds true. Email is alive and well and being fed by social media sites.

Adding Video To Web Content Strategy

In the wake of the FCC’s issues with VNR’s and the growth of YouTube, Internet video is catching on as a way to reachonline viewers.

Corporate Attitude to Social Media

While most companies in the US and the UK regard blogging as an important new communication medium, most are not monitoring the online conversation and have not adapted their corporate communication strategy to include social media elements such as an effective Internet marketing strategy.

Business Blogging Lesson Still Not Learned

Social Media and PR 2.0 require a different approach – honesty and tranparency are paramount.

Alternative Media Gains Credibility

Nearly half (49 percent) of senior executives surveyed recognize that reaching audiences only through traditional mass media is no longer effective.

Content-creating Consumers and Big Success Stories

Younger, participation-minded consumers will eventually dominate all of the online space, says trendwatching.

SES: Social Media Optimization

Some great ideas to increase visibility and traffic

Web 2.0 Policy Lacking in Communication Departments
· 2

The Peppercom and Bulldog Reporter Business Blogging Survey conducted on 1,200 marketing industry executives from the United States and United Kingdom, revealed some startling disconnects in corporate communication policy on both sides of the pond…

Web 2.0 Policy Lacking in Corporate Communication

PR left holding the baby when things go wrong.

Online PR and Social Media for 2007

PR professionals and agencies need to get trained.

Social Media Training

A beautiful day in the desert

Online PR and Social Media Training

Blogs, RSS and Social Networking can be a minefield for PR practitioners.

SNCR Advisory Board Meets in Boston

What a spectacular day it was yesterday in Boston. I did the trolley ride around town for two and a half hours and had a quick whistle stop tour of all the historic sites.

The Rules of PR 2.0

PR Professionals need to be trained so they avoid the pitfalls of online PR…

Social Media And E Commerce

When social media touches sales marketers pay attention…

Internet Marketing Spend

It’s not slowing down, it’s just diversifying.