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Ross Mayfield is CEO and co-founder of Socialtext, an emerging provider of Enterprise Social Software that dramatically increases group productivity and develops a group memory.

He also writes Ross Mayfield's Weblog which focuses on markets, technology and musings.

Silicon Valley Will Never Be Detroit

Steve Lohr’s article in the NY Times begs the question is Silicon Valley turning into Detroit? Especially when Goldman Sachs calls 2005’s IT growth at 4% and remarks …

The Largest Tech Buyout … Ever

The Mercury News reports on the largest tech buyout, ever. Silver Lake Partners and other private equity firms are acquiring SunGard Data Systems, a risk management software company, for $11.3 billion.

VCs Don’t Invest In Ideas

SiliconBeat looks at the overhang in venture capital because interest rates have led to a general glut of capital, and wonders if all that supply benefits demand…

Tagging in the Enterprise

One of the most popular sessions at PC Forum was the Roundtable on User-generated Metadata.

Why Wiki?

Socialtext developer Chris Dent has a long and well considered post on social software and why he does wiki.

Enterprise Strength, Wiki Simple

Socialtext relaunched it’s product line at PC Forum with three core offerings …

PC Forum Company Presentations

Trumba: It’s not easy being me. You wouldn’t know that from looking at my outlook calendar. Trumba is not just a personal calendar or group calendar we help people build calendar networks across communities.

Jerry Yang on Buying Flickr

Notes from one of the first PC Forum sessions, while hanging out in irc://irc.freenode.net/#pcforum just after Jerry said something about how most bloggers are bad bloggers and new competition from real writers will crush us…

Managing Hypergrowth

I’m speaking today at a World Financial Symposium event on Growth and Exit Strategies for Software and IT Companies.

Microsoft Purchases Groove Networks

The collaboration market just became more competitive. Microsoft has acquired Groove for undisclosed terms.

Adword Arbitrage

Seems appropriate on the eve of the boom’s anniversary to revisit arbitrage and bubbles.

Links are Relationships

Two very disturbing developments in regulating the blogosphere — one puts a price on …

NY Times To Open Its Grand Old Archive

David Weinberger breaks the news of the news, where the NY Times will open its grand old archive in the form of definitive topic pages.

Placeshifting Walmart

One of the buzzwords of late is Placeshifting. Seems natural, as we have been bound by space and time, then we have Tivo and now we want that concept everywhere.

The Spy Who Monopolized Me

We’ve looked hard at the nature of this problem, and made a decision that this anti-spyware capability will become something that’s available at no additional charge for Windows users …

The Value of Advertising On Blogs

Here is a very simple way to think about the value of advertising on blogs. About.com was

Blogs and Ethics

JD Lasica has an in-depth article on shilling, influence and blog ethics at Online Journalism Review.

Searching Wiki RSS Feeds
Tim Oren picks up the RSS deficit in wiki land, via a Google translation of a German post and Dave Johnson post where Scott Rafer comments:

“Much of the work to be done is on the wiki side, unfortunately.

Phantom Authority Case Study on Wikipedia

Andrea Cifftolilli’s Phantom Authority case study on Wikipedia applies team and good club theory and transaction cost analysis to provide insight into how large scale wikis work. Do read this paper…I’m only providing a single point here.