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Ross Mayfield is CEO and co-founder of Socialtext, an emerging provider of Enterprise Social Software that dramatically increases group productivity and develops a group memory.

He also writes Ross Mayfield's Weblog which focuses on markets, technology and musings.

Yahoo Social Search, Act I

At Supernova 2005, Jeff Weiner, SVP Yahoo! Search crunches the numbers on social search. When regular people can share their knowledge, on subjects like how to buy real estate, and enough of them do…

CTC Keynote: Thomas Malone

Notes from the Collaborative Technologies Conference in NYC, mirrored in the wiki, from a talk I’ve heard before by Thomas Malone, the author of The Future of Work — but also with a quick video conference with Jimmy Wales while talking about Wikipedia.

What Does the New Internet Mean for Business?

Perhaps the most fascinating conversation I’ve had in recent weeks was with Kevin Werbach, Janice Fraser (CEO, Adaptive Path, recently authored A Whole New Internet) and Philip Evans (SVP at Boston Consulting Group, author of Blown to Bits).

Enterprise Wiki un-DRMs

In a great argument against DRM inside the enterprise (e.g. asserting control over email), a truly salient point…

The Process of Fundraising and Making Sausage

On April 28th we held a contest for the first blogger to post five details of the Series B Socialtext closed. Now, the details are out in our local paper. Socialtext raised a $3.1 million Series B round led by Tim Draper at DFJ that closed on April 15th.

Classical Management Style

If you ever receive a letter with an introduction …

A Flip/Flop Bubble of Microventures?

Vinod Khosla is getting back into seed funding something closer to what BusinessWeek…

Qualified Bloggers

The issue of blogging as journalism is being attacked on all sides this morning. First, a Pew/BuzzMetrics …

An Inside Look At Yahoo! Messenger

I attended a pre-launch briefing for the new Yahoo Messenger. I have to hand it to the folks at Yahoo for having people like me …

Personal Computing is Social, and Rotten Apples

Apple was built on piracy. The first personal computer was social. Computer clubs sharing 5 1/4 floppies I, II, Lisa.

Socialtext: A Virtual Company Looks For A Home

When I was CEO of a risk management software startup, in very risky times, I had the honor of having John Nesheim as an Advisor.

The Vibrant Growth of the French Blogosphere

The vibrant growth of the French blogosphere is something to behold. French is the second largest language and half of students in France blog.

CEO: Socialtext Raises Series B Venture Round

Socialtext raised a Series B round of venture capital. That’s the only clue I’m going to give you, clues are out there.

Rise of the Enterprise Blog

Ed Cone has a great piece in CIO Insight that covers enterprise social software and corporate blogging.

The Craft of Blogging

I used to believe that brand-centric companies were not adopting public blogging. Corporate brands are paying attention to blogging as they draw greater attention and criticism.

Les Blogs And Social Software

Sitting in the French Senate for Les Blogs. Given the fact that there are 300 bloggers here, I probably will not do my conference blogging schtick. The past couple of days have been a wonderful getaway and chance to see friends. Loic has been a wonderful host.

Adobe Buys Macromedia, Two Platform Strategy

Adobe acquired Macromedia for $3.4 billion in stock. What’s interesting about this deal is how the combined company has two web platforms, .pdf and Flash, and neither are web friendly.

Content Industry Outlook

Notes from an industry overview session at the Buying and Selling eContent conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Persistent Spam

Like many over the past few months, I have happily filled my aggregator with persistent queries from the likes of PubSub, Newsgator, Technorati and Feedster.

Open Source Innovation

In the event I can’t get all this off my chest on my panel at OSBC on Open Source Innovation, here are my thoughts on a couple of levels.

Meet the Community at OSBC

Panel with Brian Behlendorf from Apache/Collabnet, Josh from PostgreSQL, Chris Hoffman from Mozilla, Larry Wall from Perl and David Wheeler from Bricolage. Moderated by Christian Einfeldt, “How these communities result in 1 + 1 = 5…”

Geoffrey Moore: The Role of Open Source Computing

I’m a little bit of a late arriver at this party. Personally, a late adopter. You want to catch up when you are late, but I don’t think sobriety is your strongest suit. Want to talk about what you look like to someone coming late to the open source cultural, personal and technical movement. And why are we where we are now?

Roles of Traditional Publications and New Media in Innovation Journalism

Andreas Cervenka, Affrsvrlden, was working at Sweden’s largest daily during the boom and saw a demand for tomorrow’s news today, so he started his own new media venture.

The VC No and the Entrepreneur Yes

Bill Burnham has a great series (1, 2 & 3) on the Art of the VC No. Saying No is their business (from thousands of business plans to a handful of investments), and Bill explains how it’s hard to say No, common ways of doing it and his reasonable approach.