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Ross Mayfield is CEO and co-founder of Socialtext, an emerging provider of Enterprise Social Software that dramatically increases group productivity and develops a group memory.

He also writes Ross Mayfield's Weblog which focuses on markets, technology and musings.

RSS Advisory Board

I joined the RSS Advisory Board with Meg Hourihan, Loc Le Meur, Eric Lunt, Rogers Cadenhead, Jenny Levine, Randy Charles Morin, Greg Reinacker and Dave Sifry.

The Great Wall of Google

Google’s decision to filter search results on behalf of the Chinese government was certainly not an easy one.

Crackberry Withdrawl

Oh, the horror. Drunk from berry juice, the Davos contingent circumbs to crackberry.

The End of Cyberspace

Alex Soojung-Kim and David Pescovitz’s article in Wired on Cyberspace is Dead now has a blog:


It’s all happening. MashupCamp is a loosely joined open space event for mashing APIs and open source.


If you liked EPIC 2014, the Googlezon film, and have dreams of perfect liquidity, you will love Sean Park’s AmazonBay 2015 — a future film on Financial Services disrupted by the net.

Spectrum of Corporate Social Media

Dan Mitchell’s What’s Online column in the NY Times highlights the grey area of the Business Blogging Wiki:

Event Journalism Evolves

Shel Israel talks about the disruption of his own business:

My Wikipedia Policy

I’m not sure that Scoble has the right idea (Tim Bray thinks it’s a good one) about pledging not to edit their own Wikpedia page.

Email is So Five Minutes Ago

Great article in BusinessWeek on how wikis and IM are solving the email problem.

Microsoft Turning On A Dime

Today Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie (respect) are expected to announce the third coming of Microsoft.

Long-Armed Law of the Wiki

I’m just an amateur, but it seems to me that Mike Langberg is afraid of loosing his job. Can’t blame him, The Mercury News just went through a round of layoffs and print media economics are in shambles.

Social Software For Government

Yesterday I was doing an interview and was asked about the prospect of social software for government.

Pierre Omidyar at Web 2.0

Full disclosure, Omidyar Network is an investor in Socialtext. ON invested in FM Publishing too. Could have gotten a higher valuation if it got Pierre out of speaking.

Entrepreneur Exchange

Entrepreneurship is the discipline of starting a company in absence of resources. Last Saturday the Entrepreneur Exchange opened, a renewable resource (wiki) for entrepreneurs.

Web 2.0 Conference – Random Rants
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Found someone’s notepad at the Web 2.0 conference… One thing that’s different this year is talk of infrastructure.

The Simple Reason eBay Bought Skype

In two hours, eBay is holding a conference call about buying Skype. I’m visiting the Skype guys in Tallinn a couple of hours later.

Web of Verbs

Yesterday Alex Pang held a fascinating conversation at an IFTF open space meeting on the use of the term Cyberspace.

Governance, Scaling and Anonymity in Wikipedia

I’m sitting in Jimmy Wales’ talk at OSAF, as though I am his roadie these days, and reminded about anonymity in Wikipedia.

MSN Blogs Against it’s Customers
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Honestly, I couldn’t give a crap about MSN. Anyone who blogs there, or reads them, doesn’t know the whole story.

A Free Culture Manifesto Via the Internet

Jimmy has been warming up for his Wikimania Keynote on Larry Lessig’s blog, talking about 10 things that should be free.

Plagiarism of the Biggest Blogger in a Small Country

Coolhunter tells the story in Estonian how the biggest blogger in a small country, Kaur Kender, an accomplished writer, stopped blogging [via Mul on Savi].

Editorial Structure and Social Media

John Battelle on the LA Times Wikitorial fiasco: But when I read about this, I instantly recognized a core problem with the approach: it was top down community, rather than bottom up….

Bye Bye, Vonage

We were enthralled with Vonage as a reliable and cheap VoIP service for our home phone.