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My Computer Just Ate My Article! Don’t Ever Let This Happen To You!

Yes, it’s true. It happened just the other day!

I wrote one of my best articles ever. Polished it off. It was ready for the big time. I knew it would be published everywhere (because, of course, it was just that good).

Are You Afraid Of Being Too Successful?

I know, this question seems strange when you stop to think about it.

Fear of being too successful?

A Clever New Linking Strategy!

One day I was surfing the internet and suddenly came upon one of my articles – there on someone else’s web site!

Writing Articles – It’s The Ultimate Promotional Tool!

I’ve finally found it! The ultimate marketing tool.

It’s inexpensive to advertise (try – free!). And it promotes your business (or website) like crazy.

Can You Really Turn Your Passion Into Profits On The Internet?

I told a friend the other day that I had started a business on the internet.

Why Honesty Sells!

It’s human nature to trust, to believe.

Little children come into this world trusting and believing. It’s when someone is dishonest that they start to disbelieve and to distrust.

How To Become An Expert In One Easy Lesson

When I took my first job as a newspaper reporter, I became an instant expert!

Why Should I Trust You?

This is a question your web site visitor will quickly ask, particularly when considering a purchase at your site.

Can’t Write Well? . . . It’s Okay To Ask For Help

If you’re not a great writer but still want to succeed on the internet, what can you do?

This Unique Style Will Get Your Article Noticed!

The other day, while trying to come up with an idea for an article to send out on the internet (in hopes of getting it published) it hit me!

Don’t Procrastinate Your Way To Success

When you find a good idea, do you take it and immediately get to work and “do” it?

Push A Button–Automatic Business!

I’ve spent literally hours and hours developing my website and promoting my products. I’ll bet you have too.

You Need More Than Just a Sales Page And a Website To Sell On The Internet

Everybody wants to make money on the internet–and of course that includes you.

E What? Ya Who? Amazon Dot Huh? Does Anybody Out There Know Who You Are?

Try this little quiz. See if any of the following names ring a bell.

McDonald’s. Coca Cola. Microsoft. e-bay. Yahoo.

10 Unique Ways To Promote Your Business Off-line

Don’t limit yourself to online promotion. There are many great ways to promote your business off-line as well at low cost that will produce great results!

Are You Really Online To Give Everything Away For Free?

Think about it for a minute. On the information superhighway you can get almost any kind of information you want for free.

Eight Ways To Save Time By Putting Routine Business Tasks On “Autopilot”

Your time is valuable! Why do mundane tasks that your computer or that computer software can do?

Great (Free) Information Keeps Website Visitors Coming Back Again and Again!

If your website visitors are like me, they may visit your site. They may read your sales letter. They may check out some of your links. They may even sign your guestbook. But… if that’s all you have to offer, don’t expect them to come back again!

10 Ways To Keep Your Website Visitors “On Site”

Don’t you hate it when visitors come to your website for only a second or two and then quickly click off to another site?

Are Your Marketing Efforts Hitting The Bullseye, Or Missing The Target Entirely?

I have a friend who recently asked for help in marketing a booklet on how to varnish a boat.

Varnishing a boat is a difficult task that can be particularly frustrating for boat owners if it is not done properly. It is also a subject that would only be of interest to a small niche group of people.

Separating the Experts From the Pretenders

It pays to learn from “the experts” if you are serious about marketing your products or services on the internet.

Where To Get Great Ideas For Writing Your Next Article

There are times when I want to write an article to send out to promote my web site (or for my newsletter).

Marketing Lessons Learned From The “Nightmare Freezer In Our Garage”

It was early Saturday morning when I scrambled out to the garage to try and find the strawberries that I’d bagged up in the summer and put away into the “deep freeze”.

How To Fail Quickly At Internet Marketing On Your Very First Try!!!

In the coming year you may be thinking about going in a new and completely different direction! Many have already chosen to follow this strange and inviting path! Here are 10 ideas to help you to fail quickly at internet marketing on your very first try!