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Rohit Bhargava is the Vice President for Interactive Marketing with Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.

How an Airline Can Use Social Networks

There is usually only one situation when travelling by air that warrants travellers banding together in a community.  Unfortunately, it is usually when they unite in dissent and outrage about the way they are being treated by airlines. 

Apart from the "community" of frequent flyers, the airline industry has typically done a terrible job of fostering social interaction between passengers, which is why often this interaction is happening on communities like FlyerTalk.com.  This and other sites like it are dedicated to travellers sharing tips with one another on how to manipulate the system, travel smarter for cheaper, achieve preferred status in frequent flyer programs faster, or simply talk about the airline industry from a traveller’s point of view.  Again, the community is talking around airlines and not with them.

PSFK Conference Recap

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the first conference event put together by Piers and the team at PSFK focused on trends and ideas.  The agenda was very compelling going into it, and I did leave with many interesting insights and new ideas about marketing and communications.  Though I unfortunately had to duck out early due to client commitments, here are a few key observations I made in my notes:

Product (RED): Smart Social Marketing?

In a great post over at PSFK – Piers publishes the content of a conversation he had with Julie Cordua, the VP of Marketing for the often talked about Product (RED) social marketing campaign.  

The Easiest Blog Marketing Opportunity Ever

Photography has been a passion of mine for a very long time.  When I was younger, I had considered having a career as a photojournalist, but over time that slowly morphed into just a passionate hobby. 

The 12 Main Sources of Blog Traffic

Something odd happened about ten days ago, and it got me thinking about hidden blog traffic. 

As many of you who read this content directly on my blog might have noticed, I publish my Feedburner RSS subscriber count on the right hand sidebar of my blog.  For those of you reading this on one of the sites that syndicates my writing or through an RSS reader, you might not have seen it but for months the count typically hovered between 700 and 900 readers. 

Blackberry’s Social Media Marketing Mistakes

 Blackberry’s recent "Share Your Stories" campaign was inspiring for me, though probably not in the way they intended.  I actually love my Blackberry, but their entire "Share your Story" campaign just struck me as lacking in any of the lessons many other marketers have learned about Web 2.0 marketing and what works in social media.

Before You Send Stuff to Bloggers…

Karl over at ExperienceCurve posted an interesting question for bloggers yesterday about how you would react to getting free products as a blogger and what sense of obligation you might feel. Nokia is experimenting with this, and just about every consumer products brand I work with is considering it and trying to find the right way to do it as well.

The Ultimate Social Network You’ve Never Heard Of

Ok, maybe you have … and it just might be Flixster, a social network dedicated to film, actors, Hollywood and movie fans.

The obvious question you could be wondering is how it can be "the ultimate" when there are so many other social networks that have been around longer, pull more traffic, have more users and generate more buzz?

Secrets of Successful Online Communities

This past weekend I was moderating a panel at CommunityNext, a smart event focused on everything about online communities coordinated by Noah Kagan.

The event was a fun gathering of extremely smart folks from some of the hottest online communities today – and panelists/speakers shared many great thoughts on topics ranging from how to be more awesome, to the genesis behind HotorNot.com.

Beaconvertising and New Social Media Phones

This post is not about the iPhone. You might have heard that many people believe the latest innovation from Apple will not only revolutionize the mobile phone industry, but maybe even the future of mobile marketing.

Brands to be Passionate About

Everyone has brands that they are passionate about.

Simplicity Marketing from Apple, Nintendo, & UPS

Like anyone else, I find Steve Job’s product launch presentations to be mesmerizing.

A Model for the Social Media CEO

This past weekend, the Saturday Interview in the business section of the NY Times focused on Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun.

CES – Marketing in the Age of Control

Sunday night Bill Gates shared his vision of the future to kickoff the Consumer Electronics Show – and focus attention during the annual gadget-fest on the role of Microsoft’s Vista in how consumers will be using electronics and technology in the coming year.

Interview: Social Media and the Enterprise

Yesterday I had the chance to do a podcast interview for Tom Parish which he just posted on his Talking Portraits website.

Marketing Trends for 2007

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look forwards to next year and what are shaping up to be some key trends for marketers to track through the year.

More Marketing In India

Shopping in India can be a bewildering experience.

Marketing in India

In Jaipur at the Alsisar Haveli, I met a young puppetmaster and his ten year old brother. Together they performed puppet shows outside the main restaurant at the Haveli, with the older brother expertly controlling the puppets with every finger of both hands behind a curtained backdrop, and the younger brother playing the dholak in accompaniment.

Fantasy Games Online

On Friday last week, there was a great piece by Julia Beizer in the Washington Post Express about a different category of fantasy games that offer an alternative to Fantasy Football.

Your Organization’s Social Media Score

John Bell, founder of our 360 Digital Influence group here at Ogilvy has a great post on his blog about helping organizations understand how to approach social media as part of their overall marketing communications efforts.

Intel Launches Blogger Challenge

Today marks the launch of another unique personal media campaign with Intel – this time a collaboration between six rising stars of the blogosphere.

Using Soundbombs for Marketing

In this month’s issued of Wired Magazine, there was a profile of Soundbombs, an innovative new concept designed to merge audio with physical experiences to bring a new dimension to just about anything from billboards to art.

“Golden Rules of Blog Etiquette” Writeboard

What are the rules of the road when interacting with people in the blogosphere?

Avoiding the Dark Side of Social Media

PR blogs have been on fire the past week debating the Walmart blog fiasco with Edelman at the helm. Some have taken a subtle delight in Edelman’s failure (see comments on Richard’s response post), while others have shared fears about what this means for the future of PR and social media.