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Rohit Bhargava is the Vice President for Interactive Marketing with Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.

Firebrand and Their Ads

The dirty little secret that most people who make their living marketing on the Internet will never tell you is that they love watching TV spots. 

Why Everyone Hates To Love Technorati But Still Does
For all of the criticism about Technorati’s inconsistent ranking figures or recent team changes, the one thing the site has intuitively understood from the beginning is the inherent desire for bloggers to be ranked. 

A Basic Lesson On Marketing To The “Wego”
Raise your hand if you have heard the term "blego."  Ok, that’s probably not a good experiment since I can’t see you … but it’s an increasingly common word being used to describe the hyperactive egos of many bloggers.

MSNBC Skips Social News Trend
Standing out for your online news offering is rapidly becoming almost impossible for publishers. 

Short Term Blogging – The Complete Guide

One of the most challenging aspects of blogging that hold many companies and individuals back from jumping into starting their own blog is the ongoing commitment that blogs often require. 

Keeping Your “Classic” Version – A Necessity?

Launching a site quickly around an idea to claim a first mover advantage is rapidly becoming a mantra for new Web 2.0 startup sites. 

Intel Launches Tech Blog in Chinese
Intel, a current Ogilvy PR client, has just launched a new Chinese language blog focused on technology and is generating some great conversation through comments already. 

Features Of The Ideal Family Social Network
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Almost everyone I know is sharing photos online with family, and some more web savvy families have full groups set up online to correspond with other family members across the world. 

Creating a Social Media Bio in Typepad (without HTML)

If you are already a Movable Type or HTML expert, this post is not for you.  But many fellow bloggers who are Typepad users (but not programming saavy) asked how I created my Social Media Bio and how they might do the same.  For all of you that asked, here is how I hacked mine together – using a bare minimum of coding knowledge and mostly using the tools that already exist within Typepad:

Relevance in Marketing

Good marketing comes in two forms, not one.  There is marketing that is relevant, appears at the right time to the right people and is likely to influence actions.  This is the kind of marketing that everyone in the industry strives for.  It’s what we think is good. 

Ad-Tech: Notes on the Vibe

Despite the temptation to do some live blogging from the event yesterday, and the fact that I came away with notes on several sessions from the event – this is not another recap post. 

Permanence and the Internet

Last night I had the chance to attend the opening of the Indian Film Festival here in LA, which opened with a film called Provoked featuring Aishwarya Rai and Naveen Andrews. 

Web 2.0 Expo: Human Needs Drive Social Web 2.0

I recently read a insightful piece from Ben Hunt about the future of the web2.0 social experience.  It was particularly relevant as I am heading to the Web2.0 Expo here in San Francisco today and will have a chance to see many new technologies later this evening at the "Booth Crawl" event at the opening of the Expo. 

SES – Finding Social Search

I had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion at the Search Engine Strategies show in NY all about Social Media Optimization.  It was interesting to see how the idea has progressed and search pros are implementing tactics and techniques for social media marketing. 

Make “Fusion” a Greater Part of Your Marketing

Believe it or not, there are many people who don’t know what a mashup is.  If you ask those same people about what "fusion" means, most would probably be able to give you a better answer. 

Marketing Your Product Backstory

Several weeks ago, I noted an interesting story about how Dole is offering "farm codes" printed onto stickers that are placed on organic bananas offering consumers the chance to get to know more about the farm that grew the banana by visiting www.doleorganic.com.

Learning from Island Marketing

I have a few days off and am in sunny Cancun until next Monday. Though Cancun may not officially be an island, there are several things that I noticed in common among every trip to an island or resort area that I have the chance to take – including this one.

Corporate Bloggers, Rise of the Accidental Spokesperson

In the world of public relations, a spokesperson can sometimes seem like the most important element of any campaign. 

Improving Your Blog Karma

Whether you believe in karma or not, making your blog a success often has a lot to do with a series of seemingly disconnected events.  Every post you make, person you contact or comment you leave adds to the sum total of your efforts in the blogosphere. 

Building relationships is important in any industry, but blog karma is the idea that what you do and how you behave will ultimately have an effect on you directly or indirectly.  Blog karma is not often written about, but very often spoken about by bloggers, especially successful ones.  So if you did believe that blog karma does exist, how should you go about increasing yours?  Here are 10 ways you can improve your blog karma:   

Under the Radar – Marketing Ideas

One of my main beliefs about blogging and marketing is that the title always matters.  It matters in selling a book, driving clickthroughs on blog posts or emails, on placing effective keyword marketing, and the list goes on and on.  For just about everything you can do with marketing, choosing the right title is a big deal. 

The ROI of Blogging – Top Stories

Two months ago, Charlene Li of Forrester produced a report on the ROI of blogging by comparing the relative spend on blogs to the spend required for focus group based research. 

Death of the Invisible Agency

There was a time when, apart from industry awards shows and the occasional book from an advertising or PR industry legend – agencies were largely invisible to consumers.  Marketing agencies created advertisements, managed relationships with the press, and generated campaign strategy on behalf of a client, but remained in the background. 

Blog Screen Size Paradox

Most bloggers or site owners pay a lot of attention to their web analytics and stats.  The big three numbers for most of us are unique visitors, referring URLs and referring keywords.  Of course, there are other metrics you can look at, but most site owners tend to hone in on those three.  Of all the other numbers available, I think perhaps the least often used (and acted upon) is the screen size metric. 

Brilliant Marketing Ideas from SxSW

Over the next week, I’ll posting some of the other insights I will be taking from the event, but in the meantime here are just a few marketing ideas that struck me as remarkable or noteworthy from SxSW: