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Calling a Detail Data Form From A DataGrid Row

The idea is that we have a DataGrid which has list of records in a database table. We want to be able to select a row and call up a detail form which will have the corresponding database detail.

Getting on The Same Page With Your DataGrid

The purpose of this article is to give a succinct, understandable overview of how to setup a DataGrid so that you can page through the records of a data source. To demonstrate how this is done, I’m going to take actual code from an application I developed for a large telecommunications company. I use Visual Studio and that is reflected in this article.

The Low Down on the DropDownList Control

Whenever I see a DropDownList control, my brain says “Yes! That is a ComboBox!” That’s because I’ve been programming in Visual Basic 6.0 for too long. VB6 has something called a ComboBox. It was given that name because it could be used in different ways. That was way cool but whenever I had to write a help file or explain an application to a customer, I couldn’t use the term “ComboBox” without them wrinkling their brow and frowning at me. The “combo” aspect of the control never made sense to users, only programmers. So I started calling it a drop-down list. That made more sense to the customer. No more wrinkled brows. No more frowns. (But sometimes in the middle of the night I would quietly whisper … “ComboBox! ComboBox!”).

The RegularExpressionValidator Control and a Primer on Regular Expressions

A Vision

The job given me by the Almighty Programmer was gatekeeper. The clouds parted below me and I could see a long sinewy line of expressions marching toward me in single file. Some looked like dates, others like digits and some (to be honest) looked like gibberish. One by one, they would try to get past me but I know no fear – for I am the RegularExpressionValidator.

Get Your Hands In The Cookie Jar

This article provides specific instructions on using cookies in ASP.NET applications and discusses a few issues we should be thinking about when using them.