About Roderick Ioerger

Roderick Ioerger is a fulltime internet marketing consultant and strategist. Having started in 1999, Roderick has worked with many of today's major internet marketing agencies as well as having been an in house SEO with some of America's leading fortune 500 businesses.

Roderick resides in ever-sunny Phoenix, AZ with his wife Jillian and their two dogs Snoopy and Grover.

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When To Adobt The SEO Of Tomorrow?

Within the mass confusion that can erupt when there is a blog controversy, occasionally a thoughtful post will emerge. Last week ShoeMoney wrote about the Death of SEO and here on this blog Greg Howlett supported that theory, while I spoke up to disagree with those opinions. Others have also been discussing the topic and Joost de Valk, has chimed in as well, after

Things To Do With Twitter

I am relatively new to Twitter. I have only been using it for a short while and I find it an excellent tool for stream of consciousness thinking and quick communication to online communities that I interact with on a regular basis.

With that said I also must say that the recent reliability issues have made me question whether or not it is a long term tool I want to continue using, still I believe I will wait a bit longer before making my final judgment.

ICANN’s Recent Proposal to Curb Domain Tasting

Over the last month I and others have written quite a bit about domain tasting and how registrars are taking advantage of the policy, allowing them to capture potential domain names that their customers are searching for.

Could CPA Overtake CPC?

That is the question that Aaron Goldman discusses in his most recent post at Search Insider. Aaron provides some sound thinking as to why CPA could overtake CPC in the future as the preferred way in which to purchase paid search.

Vertical Search Any Competition for Google?

Sramana Mitra has a post over at GigaOm that plays on her interest in Web3.0, which she defines on her site as the “verticalization of the web around specific Contexts”.

Network Solutions Taking Advantage of Consumers?

Bill Hartzer has performed a very interesting piece of domain name research and written up a detailed synopsis on the way Network Solutions seems to be taking advantage of the consumers who use their domain name look-up tool.

Google Looking to Recognize Text in Images

Information Week has reported that in June of 07 Google filed a patent application, which has just become available, outlining a “method of optical character recognition in digital images.” The application seems to cover both static images as well as video. The ability to do this could radically change a number of existing Google services as well as again change the way the Internet marketing world interacts with images and video.

Social Media Rule Breaking

Conformity often creates a feeling of comfort, but it also starts to generate acceptable social norms that soon become the de facto standard for the way things get done.

Delivering a Proficient Viral Marketing Message

Sometimes the turn of a phrase or even just the lack of a single word can be all the difference between delivering a powerful and highly proficient viral marketing message or missing the boat entirely. Gord Hotchkiss has recently posted an excellent breakdown of what turns a rumor or message into that successful viral entity all marketers hope for.

Link Purchasing or Website Network Building?

For a long time now Google’s Matt Cutts has made it clear that purchasing links will become a hazardous business both for the link seller and the link purchaser.