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Robyn Tippins is a marketing/PR consultant, blogger, speaker, and podcaster. She lives with her husband and 4 children in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. Her work has appeared all over the web in a variety of tech or marketing related publications and her consulting work has run the gamut from social networking to video games. Her blog is sleepyblogger.com and her video blog is at gamingandtech.com.
How to Get Hired as a Community Manager

Snagging a job as a community manager isn’t easy. First, realize that competition for these jobs is fierce.  I’ve been doing this since 1996, and there are alot of folks with 10+ years of experience that want the same jobs …

eComm 2008 is Coming Up

I noticed that eComm 2008 is coming up, 3/12-14.

Take a look at what Martin Gedd, on the advisory board, said on his blog:

Another ‘Fear Twitter’ Post

Twitter Is Dangerous.

Yeah right… Bloggers with their gloom and doom are more dangerous. The gist of this ‘fear twitter’ story is that people are, gasp, talking to more than one person!

Gmail Going Social Already?

Am I crazy or did Gmail drink the Kool Aid really, really quickly? I have never seen this in my gmail account before.

Digg School – 4 Tips To Digg Success

Over the past few years, I’ve written a number of posts that caught the attention of Digg users. Many were surprises, but a dozen or so were written specifically for Digg, mostly for clients.

Yahoo! Product Suggestions

I’ve taken some time over the last few weeks to pay attention to different Yahoo! services. In addition to being an employee I’m a huge Y! service lover, from Upcoming to Del.icio.us, from Music to Widgets, they’ve really built/bought some great products.

I thought it would be fun to walk through a few of their products and give them my ‘How I’d Improve This Product’ dealio, so here goes.

1. Mail

Way to Go Digg!

Right before heading to bed I had to check the Digg story one more time to see if the guys had come to their senses, and it seems they have (and just in time).

Why Online Advertisers Should Fear Web Savvy-ness?

I was reading Technology Evangelist and had an ‘aha’ moment when I read these lines:

Digg users don’t click ads. Why does this matter? Because Digg users are sophisticated web users.

As more web users become as sophisticated as today’s Digg users, click through rates will plummet.

Video Tips from SES

I just read a very well-written video search tips list from Steve at GoogleWatch. Some of my favorites from his list for SEO and video:

New Advertising Deals for Google and Yahoo

Google is brokering a deal with DirecTV for broadcast ads. (Techmeme)

Google Desktop on Mac

After getting my new Mac yesterday, I am pleased to see that Google has just started supporting these beautiful machines. I’m a fan of Google Desktop, having used it on my last two machines and I enjoyed it quite a bit. However, I am disappointed to see that the Mac version will have no widgets or the toolbar yet. Being an organized sort, I rarely had the need to use the Google search on my desktop. My primary joy with the package was the widgets.

The Writing Style of Your Company’s Blog

I was honored to speak yesterday on corporate blogging in DC, as a joint event put on by Merry Bruns and DC Web Women. The two other speakers, Scott Briscoe of ASAE, and Lorelei Brown of the Natl Association of Realtors, are both longtime bloggers and we had a great time sharing our experience on how the business world looks at blogging.

ReviewMe – Misrepresenting?

I was shocked (and a little saddened) to read the Consumerist post detailing their apparent misrepresentation of blog partners. Looks like someone at ReviewMe has been adding sites to their listings that haven’t actually signed up for the service.

It seems, though, that the good ship Lifehacker might not be the only blog ReviewMe is “representing”…

Experts Down on Marketing

Guy Kawasaki moderated a panel of some innovative web community founders at the CommunityNext Conference, and the video is fascinating. It’s not often I get a 1 hour video and watch it all the way through, but I’ve already watched this one twice.

Companies and Marketing 2.0

Just saw on Twitter that Emily Chang had posted about RSS feeds for archiving your own personal history.