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Robin Nobles conducts live SEO workshops (http://www.searchengineworkshops.com) in locations across North America. She also teaches online SEO training (http://www.onlinewebtraining.com). Localized SEO training is now being offered through the Search Engine Academy. (http://www.searchengineacademy.com) Sign up for SEO tips of the day at mailto:seo-tip@aweber.com.
Walking in the Search Engines Shoes

You know the old saying about not criticizing someone until you walk in their shoes.

Do You Want to be Just an Average SEO?

As a marketer, I’m fascinated by television commercials. One commercial I saw recently talked about how no one grows up wanting to be “average.” That really shoved the right side of my brain into overdrive.

The Missing Element in Search Engine Marketing…Creativity

In the “technical” world of search engine marketing, we often get so tied up in optimizing our pages, getting our databases crawled, determining what’s happening with Google’s latest update, and building our link popularity that we think in much too linear a fashion.

Chasing the Search Engines’ Algorithms . . . Should you or Shouldn’t you?

It’s a common occurrence. SEOs often spend countless hours trying to “break” a search engine’s algorithm.

How Important is ALT Text In Search Engine Optimization?
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For years, search engine optimizers have included their important keyword phrases in ALT text for images, feeling confident that many of the search engines considered the contents of ALT text when determining relevancy.

Get the Most Leverage out of Your Articles

I’ve long been an advocate of a form of online marketing that I personally call “article marketing.” Yahoo! has recently added a layer to article marketing which is extremely exciting, and any one who uses the power of articles needs to take notice.

Learn how to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Online Marketing Campaigns
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Do you know that according to WebSideStory, an analytics firm, in 2003 medium to large Web sites got an average of 13.6% of traffic from search engines? Do you realize the power in that one simple statement?

The Reality of Search Engine Submissions

Over the last few months, search engine submissions have changed dramatically. Now is the time to analyze the way we’re submitting our Web pages and to rethink our submission strategies.

Google Can Now Index . . . Flash! An Interview with Michael Marshall
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As you know, a Flash movie as the index page of a site has always been a major problem with search engine optimization. There’s simply no content for the search engines to index.

A Cost Effective Way to Advertise Online. . . A Permission E-Mail Marketing

We all hate e-mail spam, right?

Focus on Your Target Audience!

Search engine optimizers often forget who our true audience really is. We get so wrapped up in trying to please the search engines that we forget to focus on our target audience: our users.

Demystifying The Radically Different Keyword Results Provided By Overture and Wordtracker Part 3

Finally: Making sense of the numbers (here comes the shock).

Demystifying The Radically Different Keyword Results Provided By Overture and Wordtracker Part 2

Reason #2 – Duplicate Searches

As you most certainly must know, Overture’s strength as a viable advertising medium for online businesses lies in the fact they are provide results to “tens of thousands of Web sites” which include AltaVista, Yahoo, MSN Search, HotBot, and AllTheWeb just to name a few. They claim to reach more than 80% of active U.S. Internet users.

Demystifying The Radically Different Keyword Results Provided By Overture and Wordtracker Part 1

The root of all success in search engine marketing begins with keywords. Period. Get them wrong and virtually everything about your online endeavor will fail. Only by targeting the right keywords can one expect to ride that exhilarating magic carpet to online prosperity.

Pleased with Your Google Description?. . . If Not, Consider These Tips for Getting the Google Description That YOU Want! Part 2

Let’s look at another example:

In a search at Google for the keyword phrase “search engine marketing training” (no quotes), you’ll find these first three results:

How To Optimize Your Google Description

When it comes to describing your site, Google assembles what is known as a snippet description to display in their search results. Sometimes it’s a good description – one that prompts potential visitors to click on your link. Other times, it isn’t. Take the case in point where the following page (ranked at #1) in a keyword search for scuba dive “entices” the potential site visitor by listing the various PADI locations from around the world…

How Deep into Your Site Are the Spiders Crawling?

Have you ever wondered how far down into your site the search engine spiders are going? Are the pay inclusion spiders coming at regular intervals like they’re supposed to?

The Latest Innovation in Search Engine Algorithms . . . User Popularity

For years, the search engines have continued to introduce new factors into their algorithms to make their search results more relevant and to keep savvy search engine marketers from “cracking the system.”

Free eBusiness Tools
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When working with my workshop or online SEO students, I’m often told of a really neat tool that I’ve never heard of before.

So, I thought it would be a great idea to share these tools with you, just like they were shared with me.

How to Boost Your Chances at Having a Successful Web Site Part 4

Web site design (Continued with a real estate site example)–

If you use a picture of a house on the main page of your site, use a picture that has a happy, smiling family in front of the house.

Winning E-Brand Strategies: Developing Your On-Line Business Profitability

Have you ever wanted to know how a Web site became successful, from the point where it was taken from a non-productive state and brought to screaming success?

Have you wondered about the strategies that brought the site such success, and have you ever wished you could apply those strategies to your own online business?

A New Pricing Structure for SEO Companies . . .Paid Performance Part 3

Barry Lloyd, one of the top SEO’s in the UK and the CEO of Microchannel Technologies Ltd., which provides SEO/SEM services through their MakeMeTop brand (http://www.makemetop.co.uk), continues with the following questions.

Save Time with Generic Pages!

A few years ago, it was a common practice to create separate pages for each search engine for each important keyword phrase, then use a robots.txt file to keep other engines out of the engine-specific pages. However, most of us have now changed our philosophy. After all, that “old” strategy was extremely time consuming!

Pay-Per-Clicks . . . One way to boost traffic to your Web site (Part 1)

One of the ways to boost traffic to your Web site is by purchasing keywords from one of the pay-per-click search engines or directories.