About Robert Warren

Robert Warren (www.rswarren.com) is a professional writer, editor and communications consultant. His Florida-based practice specializes in helping independent professionals establish and build expert reputations through effective use of the written word.
Eight Easy Steps To Small Business Lunacy

Many of us set out on our own to gain a greater sense of control: control over how we live, how we work, how we serve others. We appreciate the calm that comes with well-organized management and ordered predictability, and we live for the goal of one day enjoying professional simplicity. We’re not really into the drama thing.

Stop Losing Your Readers!

You’ve written pages and pages of material to promote your business, and you’ve worked hard to get it all in front of people, either on the Web or in print. You know that you should be seeing higher quality results than you are, and you don’t know what is wrong.

The Five Rules Of Influential Web Writing

Building a professional reputation requires a campaign founded on your words: the positions you endorse, the motions you advocate, the accuracy of your vision. Writing for the Web can either establish your expert credibility or destroy it.

Keeping It Real: The Only Copywriting Trick That Works

Much of today’s accepted copywriting wisdom comes from old books written for a different, quieter world.

Boost Your Website With Expert Content

The word has gotten out on website content.

It has never really been a big secret, really: the only effective way to promote a website is by hosting unique, quality content. Search engine optimization and paid inclusions are a waste of time and money if there isn’t a compelling reason for your visitors to come back once they have found you. Website sales only come from repeat visitors and user loyalty.

Five Keys To Leaner and Meaner Copywriting

Grab ’em and don’t lose ’em. Every marketer knows that one. Human beings have very short attention spans, so you can’t afford to waste your prospect’s time – give them the good stuff and then let them go as soon as you can. Writing effective marketing material is all about writing crisply with just a handful of words.

Avoid The Big Advertising Mistakes

Is your advertising copy getting the results you want? If not, look at your current marketing to see if you’re making one of the major copywriting mistakes:

Why Your Ad Failed

So you spent good money on an ad, put it in a magazine or newspaper, and waited patiently for phone calls that didn’t materialize. You’re upset: you feel that you’ve wasted money and time, and now you’re convinced that advertising doesn’t work.

Build A Website Your Clients Will Love

You’ve just spent good money on your first business website. You have invested in search engine optimization, researched your keywords, bought paid inclusions. You have read every article promising unlimited success carried to your front door on the back of mouse clicks. You are confident that you’ve used every website traffic technique there is.

Sharpen Your Writing With Structure

At some point, every serious writer is forced to sit down and conclude that there is something seriously wrong with their work. It wanders; it is pretty in some spots and horribly ugly in others. It doesn’t always make sense, and is uneven in places. Even though every sentence is grammatically correct, there is something fundamentally broken about the piece.

Create Confidence With Your Writing

Whether you are writing a magazine article, composing a press release, or editing the sales copy on your website, the end goal is always the same – to influence the thinking, and probably actions, of other human beings. To do that, your writing must instill confidence in a mind that is inclined to doubt you.