About Robert Smith

Robert Smith owns a full info site about investment clubs. Check Out his site at http://www.ez-investment-clubs.com
How to Start an Investment Club – Business Model

Your investment club will need to decide what type of entity you’re going to adopt for business purposes.

Tough Times & Getting Tougher?

I live in Eugene Oregon. We have the highest unemployment rate in the nation. It’s also the highest unemployment rate in Oregon’s history, varying from 8% to over 15%.

All Doors Lead Home

Most web designers build their websites with little consideration for developing free search engine traffic. Designers naturally assume that everyone comes to the front door or main page; actually it’s much easier to attract traffic to pages with a narrower focus.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are attractive alternative you may use to profit from the sales of complementary products other than your own.

Getting Free Traffic From Google & Yahoo!
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Google and Yahoo! are the most used search engines on the Internet with about 35% of all Internet searches run on one or the other. That’s about 70% of all Internet traffic from just two search engines. Actually it’s more than 80% when you consider Google’s affiliation with AOL, Netscape, and others.

Requirements For Internet Marketing Success

Every year that goes by it gets both easier and harder to make money on the Internet. It gets easier, as more resources and knowledge become available and it gets harder, as more and more people enter the marketplace selling the same or similar products.

In Your Face Advertising

As most of you already know, I’m a full time merchant on the Internet for 6 years. I understand the value of getting my message out, but frankly I’m getting fed up with the amount un-targeted advertising that’s being forced on me.

Credit Card Fraud – Are You Protecting Your Business?

With Credit Card Fraud averaging almost 5 percent of sales, if you are selling goods or services online via credit cards this is information you need in order for your business to survive.

Offer A Package Deal

Rather than forcing people to identify their exact needs value added packages of related products provide a combination of options at a set price.