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Robert Scoble is the founder of the Scobleizer blog. I work at Rackspace and am building a community for people fanatical about the Internet called building43. You can call me at +1-425-205-1921 or email me at scobleizer@gmail.com. There’s a really excellent about page over on Wikipedia about me. I didn’t write a single word about it, but I do watch to make sure it’s accurate.
TechMeme Isn’t Quite Google News

TechMeme really wants to be Google News, it seems. I see less and less blogs on TechMeme lately and more and more “professional news.”

Yahoo Pipes & Microsoft PopFly Comparison

I haven’t seen many comparisons yet of the new Mashup Editors so Jay Neely’s stuck out when he told me about it today. He compares Yahoo Pipes to Microsoft’s PopFly and also does an early analysis of Google’s Mashup Editor.

How about you? Have you tried any of the new RSS Mashup Editors? What do you think of them?

TechMeme: Anti-linking Engine

I’ve noticed this several times and thought I’d bring it up.

TechMeme seems to penalize bloggers who link to other bloggers. Most bloggers believe that a major part of how TechMeme decides which is the most important story is to count links. That isn’t true in following mine, and other people’s results.

I believe there’s a “linking penalty” on TechMeme. At least it seems that way after doing my own link counting.

Let’s say there’s three stories.

Inside Google’s Gears

So, what did Google just do with its introduction of “Gears?”

Setup its suite of office applications to go offline. Oh, and everyone else’s too.

Zojo? ConceptShare? Zimbra?

All will be able to go offline soon if their developers adopt Google’s Gears.

Google Gears Interview

Here’s Bret Taylor on my new video camera talking about Google’s Gears. He manages developer products at Google and we have a seven minute conversation about Google Gear, the new developer API that lets Web developers build offline applications.

Why did I put this up on Blip.tv? Because I used my new Sanyo Xacti video camera and am experimenting. This is a little shaky, sorry about that.

More on Microsoft’s Surface Computing

I talked with Microsoft’s Surface computing team today. Here’s some more details I learned.

PlayTable, er Surface Computing

Andy Wilson. Remember the guy I introduced you to at Microsoft Research?

Funny, he was at the Maker Faire last weekend talking to everyone and showing off his latest thing. He builds demos for Bill Gates and he was the one who first showed me the PlayTable. Now called “Surface Computing.”

Microsoft’s PlayTable Coming Soon?

I’ve been waiting for the PlayTable for quite a while. Mary Jo Foley (our favorite Microsoft Watcher) says it’s coming soon. The demos I saw at Microsoft’s TechFest a couple of years back were stunning. If the product is even 1/2 as good as the demo this one will catch everyone by surprise.

Oh, funny aside? Our favorite name for our new kid? It’s Milan. And I didn’t know until today that the code-name for the PlayTable is Milan.

Would Googlers Do Themselves in?

Robert Cringley writes a provocative post about Google’s 20% time and that it’ll cause problems in the future as employees get frustrated that their ideas aren’t getting implemented.

I think he underestimates what’s going on inside Google.

Google Defeats Technorati in Uptime

Sometimes first impressions are better than they appear on a more measured look. Technorati is down right now and was for quite a while. UPDATE: It’s back up now. Why am I writing this? I don’t remember that Google’s Blogsearch EVER having been down (I use both quite often).

If Technorati Can Beat Google…

…Why not Microsoft or Google?

The newly-relaunched Technorati exposes a weakness in Google’s armor. I just tried a bunch of searches. Technorati does “Live” search MUCH MUCH better than Microsoft and even better than Google’s Blog Search.

Scoble’s Blog Malaise

I’ve been in a blog malaise lately. It’s getting harder and harder to write. Why? The stakes are going up. Not for me, I really don’t care. But for the people I’m writing about and who want access to my audience. When I started writing a blog back in 2000 there weren’t any startups. In fact, the news of that day was how the startup world was being cleaned out.

Microsoft Releases Popfly Mashup Tool

Microsoft has just released “Popfly.” This tool, and community, lets you build a TwitterVision in literally a few minutes (mashup various stuff from various Web services like Twitter, Flickr, Virtual Earth, etc).

Nisenholtz Guides NYT into Video

I’m sitting in the keynote at the Streaming Media East conference listening to Martin Nisenholtz, publisher of the New York Times.

Adobe Illustrator: The Latest

Adobe Illustrator is one of the hardest applications I ever taught myself. Why? Cause you create imagery by manipulating little wires.

Microsoft’s Switchboard Better than Google’s
Have you ever tried to call someone at Microsoft or Google? I have. I’ve even memorized Microsoft’s number but won’t give it here cause I’d hate for Jeff Sandquist to get a ton of crank calls. Anyway, both Microsoft and Google have switchboard numbers.

Facebook vs. Linked In

Valleywag today compares Facebook vs. Linked In. I’ve been thinking about the same thing lately. I have hundreds of emails waiting to be answered (I answered a bunch yesterday, but it just caused MORE email to come back in so now I’m behind again — thankfully I’ll be offline in a plane headed to a BEA event in Atlanta so I’ll have lots of time to answer emails).

Microhoo Not Coming to Fruition

Om Malik and the Wall Street Journal are reporting that the much talked about Microsoft/Yahoo rumors won’t come to fruition and that the talks are off.

RSS Mistakes

I’m listening to Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes talking to a group of the world’s top marketing executives in Cancun, Mexico. He’s running a panel on marketing ideas and strategies for big companies on the Internet. Also on the panel is the CMO of Siemens, the VP of Marketing for Symantec, the Director of Brand and Marketing Communications for DHL Express.

Do You Have a Fear of Google?

During his speech at the Forbes shindig I attended, Geoff Ramsey, CEO of eMarketer’s funniest remark was when he told us that the “Fear of Google” was so prevelent that it even had a three-letter acronymn: FOG.

Anyway, I’ve been hearing more and more about FOG all weekend as I talk with advertising and marketing executives from some of the world’s biggest companies. Here’s a few examples:

An Underscore on the Silverlight vs. Flash Battle

To put an underscore on the Silverlight vs. Flash battle, last night there were several Web video startups that presented at the SF New Tech! Live shindig. I think all of them are using Flash. Will Silverlight start to show up? You can watch last night’s proceedings too on Veodia. Funny enough, they aren’t using Flash.

Microsoft “Rebooted the Web”

One way you can tell how good a product launch is by waiting for the day after effect. Are people still talking about it? Still excited? Does it cause people like Steve Gillmor to change opinions?

Microsoft Mixes it Up

I’ve posted a few of the best posts from the floor of Mix to my link blog. I didn’t post much news myself, instead have been listening to developers up in the BlogZone about what they think to get a feeling of how well Microsoft’s announcements are going over with attendees.

Skype Lawyers Bring Negative PR

Ahh, the lawyers at Skype screwed the pooch. I am actually on their side in this fight, too. I know that they need to protect the trademarks otherwise they’ll lose them. At Microsoft the lawyers would do stuff like this from time-to-time (my friend Robert Mclaws told me recently that the Microsoft lawyers are again going after some community members who’ve taken on trademarks too closely).