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Robert Scoble is the founder of the Scobleizer blog. I work at Rackspace and am building a community for people fanatical about the Internet called building43. You can call me at +1-425-205-1921 or email me at scobleizer@gmail.com. There’s a really excellent about page over on Wikipedia about me. I didn’t write a single word about it, but I do watch to make sure it’s accurate.
Searching With Your Cell Phone…And More

I liked Zaw Thet, CEO at 4Info. He gave me an interesting demo and interview of what his company is enabling on cell phones.

River Reading With Google Reader

I have been keeping up with my Feed Reading lately and posting the best stuff to my link blog. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t reading as many feeds lately because it just wasn’t fun.

WordPress.coms New Dashboard

Oh, how I hate change!

Is Chris Pirillo Moving?

Interesting. Chris last week was saying he had a “big” secret. No one could figure it out. This week he announces he didn’t move (he was supposed to move to Los Angeles).

Response from a Zunester (Microsoft Employee)

One of my favorite employees at Microsoft was David Caulton. His analysis of various things was always interesting.

Windows Vista Blog

It’s funny, I totally missed the Windows Vista blog’s new design cause I read all about it in Google Reader and on TechMeme. I posted several items about it to my Link Blog.

New Audience Metric Needed
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I was just reading Jeneane Sessum’s post about the latest Ze Frank/Rocketboom dustup and she’s right, we need to measure stuff other than just whether a download got completed or not.

Getty Images Under Pressure
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I’m sitting here listening to Jonathan Klein talk with a variety of bloggers. Thomas Hawk, CEO of Zooomr, and Kristopher Tate, Founder of Zooomr, a photosharing site are here too. So is Marshall from TechCrunch.

Talk Of Town: Googles New Search Engine

Everyone’s talking about Google’s new personalized search engine.

Zillow Has The Nicest Real Estate

Really great visit with Zillow today. They are less than a year old. Their business plan called for having a million visitors by today. So far they have more than three.

Steve Lacey Is At Google Now

One of the nicest developers I ever met at Microsoft, Steve Lacey, surprised me recently when he said he was working at Google. Great to see him today. He, like almost everyone at Google, refuses to tell me what he’s working on.

How To Videoblog According To Ze Frank

Second in a series. Oh, did you know that I have twice as many viewers who hate me than any other videoblog? It’s true. I read it on the Internet.

Telepresence: Good ROI or Too Expensive?

I had a lot of problems last night getting my videos done for the week. I’m still learning how to use Macs and Final Cut Express HD.

The Contextual video advertising Age

Allan Grinshtein, president and CEO of Immense LLC, just wrote me and announced that his company rolled out over the weekend what he believes as the first contextual video advertising on the Web: Walnuts.

Guidelines And Advice For New Media Sponsors

Roxanne, who does the Beach Walks videoblog, has a great set of guidelines for big companies who are sponsoring videos, podcasts, and other things online.

I love YouTube…

Cause of crap like this.

IE 7 vs. Firefox (IE 7 having trouble with Google sites?)
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Chris Messina, who used to work on Flock (an open source browser based on the same code that runs Firefox), says the beast has woken up. Beast being Microsoft.

Edelman is Taking Over Windows Vista Account

PR Week is reporting that Edelman is taking over the Microsoft Windows Vista account.

Technologyevangelist.com Rocks!

I like what I’m seeing on technologyevangelist.com. This is like the ScobleShow, except with better lighting and better editing.

Apple: “Blame it on Microsoft”

Yeah, Paul, I was just reading through my feeds (I just shared a ton of items on my link blog) and noticed that Apple has been taking a lot of crap for blaming its shipping a virus on Microsoft.

TailRank, DiggTech, TechMeme and Google Reader

Kevin Burton released a new TailRank. Last week I asked the audience at ConvergeSouth how many people even knew about TechMeme. Very few hands went up.

Scoble’s Phone Call with Edelman

Richard Edelman, head of Edelman*, called. He wrote a blog post about the Walmart/Edelman disclosure (or lack thereof) issue over the weekend.

Interview with Automattic CEO, Toni Schneider

You might have heard of Wordpress or Akismet (Wordpress is the software/service that hosts my blog here, and Akismet is the service that blocks all sorts of comment spam).

Microsofts answer to YouTube

It’s code-named Soapbox and On10 has a video of it (and 10,000 invites).