About Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble is the founder of the Scobleizer blog. I work at Rackspace and am building a community for people fanatical about the Internet called building43. You can call me at +1-425-205-1921 or email me at scobleizer@gmail.com. There’s a really excellent about page over on Wikipedia about me. I didn’t write a single word about it, but I do watch to make sure it’s accurate.
Take A Look Inside Adobe Connect

Someday I’ll get Adobe Blogger John Nack on but here I video Peter Ryce.

Web 2007

Damn, I take a few days off of blogging and the New York Times (er, John Markoff) goes and invents Web 3.0.

Google Reader Too Slow?

Anyone notice this? It seems that I can read faster than Google Reader can mark as read. At least it isn’t very good about marking things as read.

Zero Cost Businesses

Tomorrow at noon Pacific Time a new company will be born. I have video with the CEO coming to ScobleShow. But what was remarkable was just how much was built without spending a single dollar.

Confabb Opens To Conference Attendees

Yesterday I was at Dave Winer’s house and got an early look at Confabb, a Web 2.0 site that just opened this morning.

Hugh Macleod interested in Microsoft

Hugh Macleod: the Microsoft question.

I Hate The New Valleywag Design

I really really hate the new Valleywag design.

The Vista sound

I’m sure it drives many of the geeks crazy in the industry that so much attention is being paid to four little notes.

WordPress.com Blocks Spam Bloggers

Colleen at a Simple Kind of Life blog writes that Wordpress.com doesn’t want to become home to spam bloggers and/or folks who make money off of advertising (she has an email that says that PayPerPost advertisements aren’t allowed on Wordpress.com).

Microsoft Takes The “Soul” Out Of Robert Fripp

Alec Saunders notes that there’s not much of Robert Fripp inside the audio in Windows Vista (he was the guitarist who recorded the four notes that you’ll soon be sick of.

Chris Pirillos Secret Stolen

Hmmm, Chris Pirillo (founder of Lockergnome and Gnomedex conferences) has been in a bitter, dour, mood lately

Anything new at Web 2.0 Summit?

I too sensed the malaise at the Web 2.0 Summit. I guess the fact that I’m at home in Half Moon Bay right now trying to catch up on editing and email tasks gives you a good hint about what I thought.

The New Riya – A Cool Way To Search

OK, so, what’s the 250 machines for?

Jeremy Toeman Says Riya Marketing To Wrong Group

Interesting point on Jeremy’s blog. Hey, Jeremy, you must have missed my video interview with Munjal Shah. He just came back from a press tour where he talked with tons of fashion and consumer magazine editors (he told me that he’ll have tons of great PR in that world coming soon).

Streaming Media Conference Video

The Streaming Media conference now has video of a lot of its sessions up.

Get Your Company On TechCrunch

Guy Kawasaki has an interview with TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington where he talks with Mike about how to get covered there.

My First Day Of Post-Microsoft Sadness

I was just reading feeds for my link blog.

Beach, Burritos, And Pluggd

Heheh, last night Chris Coulter, my son Patrick, and I filmed an episode of Beach Walks with Rox. Great burritos from Tres Amigos and a wonderful sunset at the local beach. Talking Mac’s and PCs.

Online Video Awards Show

Lots of famous people here from Kevin Marks (geek at Technorati) to Jerry Zucker. Jerry’s a famous Hollywood director. More than 250 people are here. Tons of video cameras, geeks, and videobloggers. The show starts soon, more reports coming.

List Of Winners From The Vloggies

OK, I have a complete list of winners from the Vloggies up now – the big winners was Alive in Baghdad (they got the only standing ovation of the evening).

Will the Google CIA Story Gain Legs?

Notice how stories get passed along in the word-of-mouth networks. Here Karel leaves a link in my comments. That leads to his blog, which is asking is Google in bed with the CIA, which leads to Michael Hampton’s blog, with even more info on this.

Scoble Interviews Google Reader Team

If you’re looking to get some insights into the mind of a Googler, this video interview with the Google Reader team is a fun one to watch. It’s with Nick Baum and Jason Shellen.

Microsoft’s Aspirational Zune Advertising

Hey, Microsoft is doing aspirational advertising for Zune. Damn, good TV advertising from Microsoft? Who woulda thunk?

Demo Of What JotSpot Sold Today

Congrats to JotSpot for selling to Google. (JotSpot is an online Office, er Wiki, suite).