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Robert Scoble is the founder of the Scobleizer blog. I work at Rackspace and am building a community for people fanatical about the Internet called building43. You can call me at +1-425-205-1921 or email me at scobleizer@gmail.com. There’s a really excellent about page over on Wikipedia about me. I didn’t write a single word about it, but I do watch to make sure it’s accurate.
How Can the Tech Industry Work the Political System?

Hey, maybe we should think about how the tech industry could work the political system to protect its interests. Just like the NRA does, according to this Washington Post article.

Bad PR – Dell But Not Apple?

I totally forgot about the amount of mainstream press that Jeff Jarvis’ generated against Dell when Dell’s customer service told him to “pound sand.”

Scoble Sits with the Washington Post

I’m sitting with Dan Balz, political journalist for the Washington Post. He wrote this story of the events this morning.

“You” Politics?

New York Times reports that John Edwards will announce his candidacy on Thursday. It reports: “Mr. Edwards, who is arguably the most Web-savvy candidate in the ’08 race to date, is using Thursday’s event to try to gin up his supporters via the Internet.”

Google Reader – The Next Digg?

Steve Rubel and a variety of others are opining that Google Reader could be turned into the next Digg. Oh, I so so so agree with that!

Why the U.S. Will Remain Dominant in Tech

I was just reading the Global Voices Online blog (excellent blog, rarely is about tech, but brings lots of news and opinions from around the world) and saw this post about an Iranian blogger who is tired of having her blog “filtered” by its government.

Adobe’s New Icons

Hey, I’m getting bashed in comments for being too anti-Microsoft. Which is funny seeing that if you search Google for Demo of the Year a post I made about a Microsoft product comes up.

Photowalking with Flickrs Heather Champ

Heather Champ is community manager over at Flickr and today we got up the latest Photowalking with her and Thomas Hawk.

Tech World is Hopping

Whew, look at TechMeme today and you’ll see we’re on an upswing in the news cycle.

Google replaces SOAP API with AJAX one

Mark Lucovsky, of Google, posted that Google has replaced its SOAP API with its AJAX Search API.

Interview With Jeff Raikes

Jeff Raikes covers a lot of territory in this interview with the Guardian’s Jack Schofield.

Google and Technorati Rewarding Sploggers?

I find it ironic that in a search of who is linking to Mashable’s report about StumbleUpon that a splogger is there using MY blog post (a splogger is someone who uses a system to automatically copy blog posts from other people).

A positive view of Le Web

It’s important to present a balanced view of things.

Will it blend an iPod?

I love “Will it Blend?”

Advertising Shouldn’t Be Forced

I agree with Chuq Von Rospach. Sites shouldn’t be forced to take advertising, even to give that money to a charity.

Microsoft’s Blogger Shindig

Ahh, lots of bloggers got invited to an all-expenses-paid shindig of some kind up at Microsoft. How do I know that? Cause Evan Williams posted such on his Twitter account.

Le Web Conference Meltdown

Wow, I gotta come back to this later, but when I just walked into PodTech’s offices after a day of interviewing and being mostly off of the Net several people came up to me and said “did you hear what happened at Le Web conference?”

Hanging Out At Google

I gotta remember to keep trips to Google down to under two hours. Why? My head starts hurting.

Interview With Netgear’s CEO

Netgear makes a lot of the WiFi routers found in homes around the world so it was a great privilege to interview Netgear’s CEO, Patrick Lo.

The Definitive Web 2007 Blog

I’ve been looking over what I’ve been putting on my link blog trying to see trends that are happening.

Jeff Sandquist Scores one for Microsoft

I told you Jeff Sandquist is smart and is one guy I could rely on at Microsoft to get shit done (he was my boss when I was at Microsoft).

Full Text Feeds Pay off

I love Amit Agarwal’s analysis on the full-text vs. partial text debate. I HATE partial text feeds.

TWiT talking about Windows Vista

Heheh, I’m glad I’m not the only one (thanks Parand Tony Darugar) who has gotten addicted to using the “J” and “K” keys, thanks to Google Readers.

Microsoft’s Blend: Why not Support Flash?

Adobe’s John Dowdell has the best question (and best set of links) about Microsoft’s new “Blend:” why do it and not support Flash?