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Robert Leggett has over 10 years experience marketing the scuba industry over the Internet. His focus has changed. Robert works with individuals and business owners all over the world. He helps them succeed in business and achieve financial independence. Visit him at - http://www.EarnYourLiving.com Subscribe to his "Free for Life" newsletter - "CyberSpaceMarketeer" - Receive your Free eBook.
Use a Safe Mailing List – Get Spammed – Then Drop Your POP [or Re-direct]

I share my tale of woe about purchasing and using a “safe opt-in list” from one of those iMarketing gurus out there. For the complete series visit and open — ( http://www.CyberSpacemarketeer.com ) May, June, and October issues!

How to Choose Your Reputable Domain Registration Service

Years ago we registered our first domain name with the only show in town — InterNIC. They were expensive and not consumer-friendly — can you spell “monopoly?” Then we registered two more domain names with them. Expensive…but OK…if that was all we wanted to do. They would charge us to sell one of our domain names…monopolies can do this!

So – You’re Between Gigs!

I have been onstage off and on for over a quarter of a century.

My First Commission Check!

Finally! — I have researched Internet Marketing for six months. I have analyzed everything that has come down the CyberSpace Turkpike. Some are zippy little sports cars which zip on by in a flash — never to be seen again. Some are expensive gas-guzzlers that meander down the road. Some are Mac Trucks filled with lots of products. And…I’m still on my bicycle…

Found It By A Dumpster!

We recently rented a flat in Europe where we are carrying on research. We really needed to create a better workspace. We have two computer systems and no desks to put them on. We don’t want to buy desks. They are bulky, heavy and costly to move! What was our solution?

How to Buy, Test and Use a Mailing List!

I just bought 2,500 leads from an opt*in mailing list vendor. They sell each record only twice, advertise a “penny per lead” guaranteed, have average 25% “bounce” so included an extra 1,000 names — 3,500 names for $25.00.

Don’t Buy, Test and Use a Mailing List!…Don’t!

Last month I wrote about how I bought 2,500 leads from an opt-in mailing list vendor. This source is a well-known I-guru and I trusted him! They sell each record only twice, advertise a “penny per lead” guaranteed, have average 25% “bounce” and included an extra 1,000 names – 3,500 names for $25.00.

Garlic, Love and the Internet…Wha???

I just made a great discovery! I was minding my own business…just cruising along the CyberHighway…and my mate yelled at me, “If I’m going to cook this great dinner…get your CyberButt over here and peel the garlic!” Wha???

Foil the Bots – Bypass the Blocks!

Bypass the Blocks!

I am on my way to choosing the right o*p*t–i*n mailing list for me! At this time, with only about 1200 names in my database, I manage my list myself. I am glad of my slow, methodical approach. Because –

Lay Your Firm Foundation!

For over 5 months to date I have been floundering along learning more about I-Marketing. I have subscribed to free eCourses, and eZines. I have collected many free eBooks and eReports. Many of these once had a price tag. I firmly believe once something is written, it is ancient history. Think about it…if you discovered a new method to make money on the Internet, would you immediately tell everybody about it…before you maximized your profit potential? Afterwards, you could make more profit by sharing your experiences. Finally, you would give it away to publicize yourself and find a market for your next “for sale” ePublication.

Don’t Wear Your Straw Hat Near a Hungry Moose

QUESTION: “So, How can a company who has a Vacation Rental Business that is starting up in Vail, Colorado, be at all benefitted by the Internet?”

You Are Your Very Best Guru!

Common to every martial arts discipline is maintaining your physical, mental and emotional center. That the only time(s) you are thrown is when you are misdirected away from your own center.